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Notable Natives™

Announcement: HSA is proud to support the Senate and House Resolution. 

April 2024 is National Native Plant Month.

This year there are 213 organizations supporting the Senate and House Resolutions (almost twice as many as last year), with at least one organization from every state! This is the first year we have representation from EVERY state! THANK YOU!

See the complete listing below.

What is a Native Herb?
Native herbs versus invasives - why does it matter?

Conservation and Sustainable Gardening
Why the survival of native plants is important

Native Herb Resources
Recommended books and HSA webinars on native herbs

Notable Native™ Herbs State by State
Find a native plant for your state

Notable Native™ Herb Profiles 
Fact sheets on selected native herbs since 2012

GreenBridges™ Initiative
HSA program linking pollinator/native herb gardens across the nation

The Native Herb Conservation Committee
HSA committee working to raise awareness of native herbs