Learn About Herbs

So you are interested in growing and using herbs. You have come to the right place because The Herb Society of America is a great resource and much of our herbal information can be found right on this page for you to explore. From growing herbs to cooking with them, reading about them, and using them with children, you will find what you are looking for right here. So let’s get started…..


Sustainable gardening practices

Sustainability is most often associated with the environment and specifically to our landscapes and gardens. What is a sustainable garden? It is an organic garden taken a step further. Following organic gardening practices will sustain soils and plants while it nourishes and sustains your family, both physically and aesthetically.

Sustainable gardening is one of the most important and effective sustainability practices that we can follow. Its practice and benefits include respecting, and improving the soils, using native plants, shrubs and trees to create beautiful landscapes, feeding one’s family fresh, organically-grown fruits, berries and vegetables and utilizing every renewable resource that nature provides, from rain water to gravel.

Best practices for herb gardeners. SHOW ME MORE



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