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Notable Native Herb™ Profiles

Every year, the Native Herb Conservation Committee selects a native herb that deserves more attention due to its unique properties, utility, history, or potential for use. The committee votes this stand-out herb as the Notable Native™ Herb.

2024 Notable Native™Shrub VIEW PROFILE
Opuntia ficus-indica

2024 Notable Native™Herb  VIEW PROFILE
Agave americana L.

2023 Notable Native™ Herb VIEW PROFILE
Phytolacca americana L.

2023 Notable Native™ Tree  VIEW PROFILE
Juniperus communis

2022 Notable Native™ Herb  VIEW PROFILE
Hydrastis canadensis

2022 Notable Native™ Tree   VIEW PROFILE
Crataegus succulenta

2021 Notable Native™ Herb  VIEW PROFILE
Sanguinaria canadensis

2021 Notable Native™ Tree   VIEW PROFILE
Gleditsia triacanthos L

2020 Notable Native™ Herb  VIEW PROFILE 
Claytonia virginica .

2020 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE 
Hamamelis virginiana L. 

2019 Notable Native™ Herb VIEW PROFILE 
Equisetum L., Horsetail species

2019 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE
Ceanothus L., Ceanothus species

2018 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE
Salix L. species

2018 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE
Salvia L.

2017 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE
Solidago spp.

2016 Notable Native™ Herb    VIEW PROFILE
Mountain mints (Pycnanthemum Michx.)

2015 Notable Native™ Herb   VIEW PROFILE
Common dittany, Maryland dittany, frost flowers, fairy skirts, stone mint (Cunila origanoides)

2014 Notable Native™Herb    VIEW PROFILE
Redring milkweed (Asclepias variegata)

2013 Notable Native™ Herb    VIEW PROFILE
Wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

2012 Notable Native™ Herb    VIEW PROFILE
Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)