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The Herbarist 2019

The Herbarist 2019

The Herbarist 2019 (Issue 84)

Be Careful What You Grab: Stinging Nettles
By Carolann Harlos

By Keith Howerton

Brazil, The Herbal Armchair Traveler
By Henry Flowers and Sara Holland

Tales of Herbal Passions
By Barbara J. Williams, Collette Pogue, Lola Wilcox, and Elaine Kimmerly

Scintillating Herbs
By Karen O’Brien

Exploring Rainforest Spices at Villa Vanilla
By Susan Belsinger

Herbs from the Witch’s Garden
By Andrea Jackson

Quality Assessment of Saffron Grown in Northern New England
By Margaret Skinner, Bruce L. Parker, Khalil Mirza, Charles Cantrell, and Arash Ghalehgolabbehbahani

The Herb Society of America’s Notable NativeTM  Herbal Shrub/Tree 2020