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The Herbarist 2005

The Herbarist 2005

The Herbarist 2005

Table of Contents

To Grow Pelargoniums is to Know Them
by Caroline Amidon and Joyce E. Brobst

What is the Scientific Name of the Rose Geranium?
by Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.

Pelargoniums in Pottery
by Sandy Manteuffel

Planning a Successful Herb Festival
by Rhonda Fleming Hayes

Herbal Witness Trees of the Civil War
by Joyce E. Brobst

Humans and Poison Ivy: A Love/Hate Relationship
by David S. Senchina

The Phylogeny of Pycnanthemum
by Rachel Williams

The Salt of the Earth
by Mary Versfelt

A Peppered Past
by Mary Versfelt

When Good Herbs Go Bad
by Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.

The Facts and Folklore of Hallucinogenic Plants
by Geraldine Adamich Laufer

Lost and Found: A Quest for the Bitter Herbs of Passover
by Jo Ann Gardner

Pressing Herbs and Flowers: A Natural Art From the Past
by Lorraine Kiefer

Making a Basket From Your Herb Garden
by Katherine Montgomery, Ph.D.

Vanilla: The Bean With a Difference
by Deni Bown

Old Fashioned Tonics
by Karol Chandler-Ezell, Ph.D.