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The Herbarist 2002

The Herbarist 2002

The Herbarist 2002

Table of Contents

Herbs, Gardens, and the Ancient Art and Science of Nature Printing
by Laura Bethmann

Echinacea, An Herb Whose Time Has Come
by Charles E. Voigt

Echinacea Versus the Common Cold
by Preston Miller, M.D

Herbs for Health and Healing
by Karen Kennedy, HTR

The Indigo Blues
by Marie Garvey Fowler

Hiring Children as Gardeners
by Donna A. Gerbosi-DiFulvio

Collecting Herbal Trade Cards, Bottles, Revenues, Stamps, and Booklets
by Jeanne Hart Pettersen

The New United States Botanic Garden Conservatory
by Holly Shimizu

Herb Gardening - The Natural Way
by Lorraine Kiefer

Blight on the Herbal Boom
by Katherine K. Schlosser

Plants With Promise: Herbs You Should Get to Know
by Scott Kresge

Conservation and Importance of Stinking Cedar, Torreya taxifolia
by Geraldine Adamich Laufer

How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils
by Dorene Petersen, BA, ND, Dip Acu