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Library Resources

Native North American Plant Use

A Kid's Guide to How Herbs Grow
by Patricia Ayers (2000)

Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest 
by UBC Press (2000)

The American Indian Garden from the National Herb Garden 
(Slide Program) 

Florida Ethnobotany 
by Daniel F. Austin (2004)

American Indian Food
by Linda Murray Berzok (2005)

Brother Crow, Sister Corn: Traditional American Indian Gardening
by Carol Buchanan (1997)

Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families
by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac (1996) 

Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children
by Michael J. Caduto (1998)

Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children, Teacher's Guide
by Michael J. Caduto (1995)

Hopi dyes
by Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton (1965)

In the Three Sisters Garden 
by JoAnne Dennee (1996) 

How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts
by Frances Densmore (1974) 

Strength of the Earth: The Classic Guide to Ojibwe uses of Native Plants
by Frances Desmore (2005)

Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions 
by Divina Fernando (2004)

Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province: Exploring Ancient and Enduring Uses
by William W. Dunmire & Gail D. Tierney (1995)

Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants: A Historical Survey with Special Reference to the Eastern Indian Tribes
by Charlotte Erichsen-Brown (1979)

Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations: Traditional & Contemporary Native American Recipes
by Lois Ellen Frank (2002)

The Cherokee Herbal: Native Plant Medicine from the Four Directions
by J. T.Garrett (2003)

Ethnobotany of Western Washington: The Knowledge and Use of Indiginous Plants by Native Americans
by Erna Gunther (1973) 

Montana-Native Plants and Early People
by Jeff Hart (1976)

A Handbook of Native American Herbs
by Alma R. Hutchens (1992)

American Indian Healing Arts
by Harlan I. Smith (1999)

American Indian Healing Arts
by E. Barrie Kavasch & Karen Baar (1999)

Herbal Traditions: Medicinal Plants in American Indian Life
by E. Barrie Kavasch (1979)

Medicine Wheel Garden: Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration, and Tranquility
by E. Barrie Kavasch (2002)

Native Harvests: Recipes and Botanicals of the American Indian
by E. Barrie Kavasch (1979)

Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes
by E. Barrie Kavasch (2005)

Keeping it Living: Traditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America
by Seattle: U. of Washington Press (2005)

Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie: An Ethnobotanical Guide
by Kelly Kindscher (1992)

Sacred Smoke: An Ancient Art for Modern Times
by Harvest McCampbell (2002) 

The Ethnobotany of the California Indians
by George R. Mead (2003)

Geraniums for the Iroquois: A Field Guide to American Indian Medicinal Plants
by Daniel E. Moerman (1981)

Native American Ethnobotany
by Daniel E. Moerman (1998) 

Native American Food Plants: An Ethnobotanical Dictionary
by Daniel E. Moerman (2011)

Native American Medicinal Plants: An Ethnobotanical Dictionary
by Daniel E. Moerman (2009)

Indian Uses of Native Plants
by Edith Van Allen Murphey (1959) 

Gathering the Desert
by Gary Paul Nabhan (1985)

Plants on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent (2003)

At the Desert's Green Edge: an Ethnobotany of the Gila River Pima
by Amadeo M. Rea (1997)

Native Plants of Southern Nevada
by David Rhode (2002)

A Treasury of American Indian Herbs: Their Lore and Their Use for Food, Drugs, and Medicine
by Virginia Scully (1970)

Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia
by Harlan I. Smith (1997)

Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians
by Alice Micco Snow (2001)

Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge among the Chumash People of Southern California 
by Janice Timbrook (2007)

Food Plants of Interior First Peoples
by Nancy Turner (1997)

Plants of Haida Gwaii
by Nancy Turner (2004)

Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation
by F. W. Waugh (1916)