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April Webinar

Dr. Vicki Abrams Motz

Notable Native Ethnopharmacology

With Dr. Vicki Abrams Motz PhD

April 16, 2024, 1PM Eastern

The literal translation of the Abenaki word for garden (nbizonkik8n) is ’medicine field’. Plants make chemicals to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi, and UV damage. Because of this, many common plants can be used to treat animal and human diseases. In this webinar, Vicki will explore the way indigenous people have used local native plants as medicines for thousands of years, including several pollinator plants on the HSA notable natives. We will then look into the chemical nature of the plants and how their make-up activates these health benefits. Finally, we will examine some of the plant's current medicinal uses and recipes for how to use them. 

Dr. Vicki Abrams Motz has been teaching human physiology and human anatomy for 40 years and has taught courses in pathophysiology and medicinal herbalism. Her interest in herbal medicine stems back to attending an herb day at the Shaker Village in Enfield, NH over 30 years ago. Her professional research focus is on ethnopharmacology (the medicinal use of plants by Indigenous populations). Dr, Motz publishes papers on plant constituents and their ability to perform the actions ascribed to them – basically, how did native populations use them, do they really work, and if so how. She received her BS and MS at Rutgers University and her PhD at Boston University.  She was a long time member of the Central Ohio Unit of the HSA where she served as chair of the Medicinal Herb garden at Inniswood Metro Garden, She is active on the national level with the Herb Society of America and on the local level with the Monadnock Herb Society.

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