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Membership Facts

Membership is open to individuals interested in herbs or any business concerned with growing, processing or selling herbs and herb related products.
Individuals may join as a member at large* or may choose to become active in a local unit**. Over forty units are located througout the country. All HSA unit members are also affliated with a district and receive district newsletters, three times per year.

Where are we located?
Districts of The Herb Society of America
Units of The Herb Society of America

• *MEMBERS AT LARGE are members of the national HSA membership, not affiliated with an HSA unit. Members at large can be members in any area, even if there are no HSA units located nearby.
• **UNIT MEMBERS are members who, in addition to being a national HSA member, are also affiliated with a local unit of HSA. Units of The Herb Society of America are autonomous groups and may have separate membership requirements. Link to unit page
• BUSINESS MEMBERS are business entities with an interest in growing, processing or selling herbs and herb related products.


Membership Levels / Dues

Annual Membership Dues  Payable in U.S. funds. Dues are non-refundable.


Individual An individual $55.00

Joint Two persons, or a family residing at the same address receiving one mailing $80.00

Student An individual enrolled in a school program or internship, whose application is supported by a photo ID or letter of verification $35.00

Business A business entity with an interest in herbs $90.00

International A person with a mailing address outside the United States or its territories $115.00


*For members in the United States or its territories. One time payment or three annual installments. HSA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Dues are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Please contact membership@herbsociety.org with any questions.

Membership FAQ

Q: For a member at large: If HSA units are nearby, do I have to join the unit?
A: You are not obligated to join a unit to become a member at large.

Q: Do I have to be associated with a unit to be a member of HSA?
A: Membership in a unit is not a requirement for membership in HSA – we have many active members-at-large. However, membership in a unit can be a rewarding experience as unit members work together on educational programs and special projects within their community.​

Q: Do unit members receive different benefits from members at large?
A: All HSA members receive the same benefits, whether they are unit members or members-at-large.​

Q: Unit Membership: How do I decide if unit membership is right for me?
A: To join a unit, one must locate nearby HSA Units (link to locator map here) and contact that Unit to join (Unit directory for contact info). We suggest you make a visit during a unit meeting, meet the unit members, introduce yourself and see how you like it. However, you are not obligated to join them if you don't wish to – you may simply join as a member at large Naturally, if there are no units located near you, membership as a member at large is your option.

Q: How can my company benefit as a Business Member?
A: Businesses benefit from joining HSA by increased exposure to our network of herbal enthusiasts. Contact membership@herbsociety.org to learn more!


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