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North Texas

The North Texas Unit of The Herb Society of America

Mission Statement: The North Texas Unit of The Herb Society of America was founded in 1989 by a group of women dedicated to the 'use and delight' of herbs. Our mission is to promote the use and delight of herbs by sharing with the public and with each other our knowledge and zest for all things herbal.

Within the South Central District of The Herb Society of America, we are located in North Texas and cover the Greater Metroplex of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Our general meetings are held in the morning on the fourth Saturday from January through October in members’ homes. We begin with tea and refreshments, take care of any unit business, followed by an educational program. We hold craft, cooking or gardening workshops during the year also.

Many of our members give presentations at area garden clubs and organizations as public outreach. We also actively pursue any opportunity with local nurseries to man informational tables. These opportunities give us the chance to educate gardeners on the many uses of herbs and how to grow and maintain them in our climate.

To support our operating expenses, we sell products that we make and various herbal items, including our original booklets, one on Basil and the other about herbal cookies entitled “Afternoon Delights.”

Our members are passionate about herbs and the many uses and applications they have in our daily living. We all look forward to being able to share this knowledge with everyone and hope that our enthusiasm spreads the use and delight of herbs.

Our unit website is It contains many excellent fact sheets about herbs, along with recipes, pictures, and news of monthly meetings.