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Central Indiana

Central Indiana Unit

The Central Indiana Unit’s mission is to promote the knowledge, use, and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experience of our members with the community. We examine all elements of herbalism, though the interests of many members are primarily culinary and growing herbs. We welcome gardeners with all types of herbal interests, and levels of gardening skills. We work towards the Spring symposium every year, with our focus on the herb of the year as our structural guideline.

We conduct monthly educational programs followed by our business meetings. Our meeting topics are as diverse as the world of herbs. In addition to the annual symposium, we offer an educational night in the fall, participate in local garden events, produce herb booklets, and conduct field trips. We welcome growers and retail members.

Members of the Central Indiana Herb Society maintain an herb garden at White River Gardens, part of the botanical collections of the Indianapolis Zoo. The herb design garden helps meet our mission to promote the knowledge, uses and delight of herbs. We enjoy talking to the public visitors about herbs as we tend over 200 plants throughout the growing season. Our garden includes bulbs, annuals, perennials, tender perennials, vines, and grasses. The large containers are redesigned by local nurseries and businesses annually, featuring the herb of the year.

We also conduct workshops at Garfield Park Conservatory. Topics range from spring herbal gifts to how to use dried herbs for cooking.