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Gardens of The Herb Society of America

Central Indiana

Central Indiana

The Herb Society of Central Indiana partnered with the White River Gardens of the Indianapolis Zoo to create a beautiful, fragrant herb garden.

We are the only garden “club” to design, plant and maintain a garden within the 11 Design Gardens. Since 2000, our volunteers primarily maintain the herbal plants and shrubs of the Sunken Herb Garden, while the staff gardeners provide support and maintain the non-herbal plants that are a part of the overall design circle. Our four design pots, one in each corner of the garden, are maintained by our unit’s growers, and feature the herb of the year. These individual herb gardens in pots provide alternative design ideas for those with less garden space. We enjoy sharing our herb knowledge with Zoo visitors, and often share the scents of lemon balm or one of our mints or thymes. We provide a list (botanical and common names) of our over 125 plants, and use ephemeral signage to point out featured blooms or plants.