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Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Unit Leaders Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
3:30 pm5:00 pm

All meetings will be at 3:30 ET
April 12: Technology
Do units offer hybrid monthly meetings?
Do they find committee meetings run smoothly on zoom?
Do units record meetings &/or programs
Do units all have websites?
Are these administered by members or a hired expert?
Do they house private information? To include by laws, program or address information?

May 10: Scholarship/Giving
Which units give scholarships?
How do they solicit applications?
Do they give gifts as requested for community horticultural needs?
What is there process?
How to publicize the programs?

June 14: Programs/Community outreach
What outstanding programs has the unit had in the past year?
Have they had virtual programming?
When planning programs, do units try to fill certain categories:
culinary, dyes, healing, fragrance.
September 13: Membership
Are other units actively recruiting
Do units utilize social media to recruit? Is it effective
Do units offer meetings open to the "public"?
Do units utilize a mentoring system?
Do units require a project for program from "provisional" members
How do units actively engage new members to make them feel a vital part of the unit?

October 11: Technology
Do units use spreadsheet programs to organize member information?
Do units have a way of sharing these spreadsheets? Dropbox or ICloud?
If so, is it effective?
Do units utilize invitation programs such as Evite? Successfully?
Do units utilize mailing programs such as MailChimp for newsletters?

November 8: Fundraising
Which units hold herb events? Sales or Fairs?
Do they recruit members during these events?
Do they sell craft or food products made by members?
What are some success stories?

December 13: Outreach
How do units educate the public on the use and delight of herbs?
Affiliations with gardens.
What venues are used?
Do units team up with other organizations such as Master Gardeners?

January 10, 2024: Study Groups
Do units offer study groups?
Are they offered virtually?
What is the interest in the unit as a whole?
What topics have been successful?