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The Herbarist 2020

The Herbarist 2020

The Herbarist 2020 (Issue 85)

Plant Hardiness: A Complex System
By Barbara J. Williams

The Ultimate Herb Grower
By Joann Gardner

Don’t Lose Sight of the Herbs
By Katherine Schlosser

Who Were Those Plant Keepers?
Theresa Mieseler

Herbs Go To War
By Judith Sumner, PhD

Milkweed At The Front
The Herbarist, 1945

Herb Gardens in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
By Margaret A. Deppe, PhD

Surprise Design Partners for a New Garden at an Old Farm
By Bobbie Cyphers

Lavender, Spike, and Lavandin
By Arthur O. Tucker, III, PhD
Reprinted from The Herbarist, No. 51, 1985

Current and Historical Production and Use of Herbs by Ethnic and Migrant Communities in Greater Providence, Rhode Island
By John R. Taylor, PhD