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The Herbarist

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The Herbarist 2015

The Herbarist 2015

The Herbarist 2015 (Issue 81)

History of NHG
By Sandy Salkeld de Holl

Value in the Genes
By Scott Aker

NHG Photo Gallery
By Pat Kenny

Integrity and Outreach: Building a Strong Foundation for the National Herb Garden
By Chrissy Moore

A Conversation With Past NHG Curators
By Holly Shimizu, Jim Adams, Janet Walker

Under the Arbor: An NHG Educational Series
By Billi Parus, Chrissy Moore

Plant Collections of The Herb Society of America – 2015
By Anne Abbott
GreenBridges: A Way of Life
By Lorraine Grochowski-Kiefer

Promising Plants – Where Are They Now?
By Karen Kennedy

Learn, Explore, Grow – Visit the Units’ Gardens!
By Lois Sutton Ph.D

Pharmacy Garden
By Henry Flowers

Herb Gardening in Large Public Venues
By The Herbarist Committee

A Lesson in Taxonomy in a Public Herb Garden
By Barbara J. Williams

Get Ready, Get Set, Show! Going For The Blue At A Flower Show
By Elizabeth Kennel