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The Herbarist 2012

The Herbarist 2012

The Herbarist 2012 (Volume 78)

Table of Contents

Herbal History of Bartram's Garden
by Edna McCallion

Myth, Magic, Medicine
by Susan Wittig Albert

Blast from the Past: 7 Native Herbs
Introduction by Elizabeth Kennel
Original 1965 article by Edna K. Neugebauer, E. Gladys Jenkins, Sidney Duerr, Jane Heyward,
Hester M. Crawford, Angie H. Farmer and Bernadine G. Neil.

Monarda in the Kitchen
by Lois Mills and Gini Faehnrich

Chenopodiaceae: A Plant Family Worth Studying
by Lois Sutton, PhD

The Rose: Queen of Delight and Use
by Henry Flowers

The Everlasting Carob
by Jo Ann Gardner

The Many Facets of Stachys
by Gretel Schultz

Cover art
by Ellen Hoverkamp