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The Herbarist 2009

The Herbarist 2009

The Herbarist 2009

Table of Contents

Angel's Trumpets to Devil's Club
by Katherine Schlosser

A Place of Spirit and Beauty
by Holly H. Shimizu

The Double Life of Coriandrum sativum
by Judith K. Mehl

Sacred Bouquet: The Four Species of Sukkot
by Jo Ann Gardner

Italy! An Herb Lover's Paradise
by Edna McCallion

Bay Earns Laurels as Herb of the Year
by Theresa Mieseler

Herbs of African-American Syncretic Religions
by Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.

Herb Gardening at the Water's Edge
by Rhonda Fleming Hayes

Evaluation of Nonanoic Acid and Trichoderma harzianum as Biocontrol Agents in the Suppression of Pythium torulosum and Botrytis cinerea in Ocimum basilicum L.
by Jeanne S. Peters

Gardening by the Moon
by Susan Belsinger and Tina Marie Wilcox

Those Marvelous Mints
by Barbara Perry Lawton