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The Herbarist 2003

The Herbarist 2003

The Herbarist 2003

Table of Contents

Basils for the Gardener's Kitchen
by Madalene Hill and Gwen Barclay

Some Biblical Plants and Their Lore
by Mary Remmel Wohlleb

Liver Disease and the Milk Thistle
by Preston Miller, M.D

Incredible, Edible. . . Weeds?
by Peter Gail, Ph.D.

Dandelions: Pest or Panacea
by Robin Siktberg

Medieval Flora: Botanical Symbolism in the Manesse Codex
by Angelica Tucker

From Cultivation to the Kitchen
by Susan Belsinger

Growing Gourmet Garlic
by Charles E. Voigt

The Safety Labeling Program: Expanded Safety Information
by Mark Blumenthal

Plants with Promise
by Jim Adams, Deni Bown, Madalene Hill, Scott Kresge

Monarda Section Cheilyctis: Patterns of Speciation, Endemism and Implications on Conservation
by Jessie Keith

Homemade Herbal Soaps
by Janette Oliver-Rodgers

Lemon Balm
by Lorraine Kiefer

Romancing the Plants. . .
by Anne Abbott, Rexford Talbert, Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.