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Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

The Art of Botanical Illustration - University of Delaware Library Special Collections
Provides an overview of the history of botanical illustration, including herbals, travel and exploration, scientific botany, women artists, seed catalogs and modern botanicals. Includes images and/or background information for over fifty works. 

Curtis's Botanical Magazine
This digital presentation by the National Agricultural Library of 1,048 plates and 1, 456 pages of text from the first 26 volumes (1787-1807). Images are browseable by common name and searchable by keyword.

Herbals and Early Gardening Books - Patten Collection
Biographical information about authors and descriptions of text accompany images from a collection of early herbal and gardening titles from the Doris and Marc Patten Collection in the library of Arizona State University. Highlights include William Coles's, The art of simpling (1657), Culpeper's Complete herbal (1814) and Parkinson's Paradisi in sole (1629). Browseable by author and title. Includes subject index.

Medicinal Spices Exhibit - UCLA Biomedical Library: History & Special Collections
Includes history of the spice trade, essays on spice sources and uses throughout history, information on culinary herbs, and descriptive profiles of 29 spices accompanied by digitized images from historical text.

"Powerful Grace Lies in Herbs and Plants"
A digital retrospective of a joint exhibition on herbal medicine presented by the Bernard Becker Medical Library (Washington University School of Medicine) and the Missouri Botanical Garden Library. Including images from the Badianus manuscript, and Leonhart Fuchs's De historia stirpium.

Rare Books from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library
Features 131 volumes from MBG's rare book collection including over 12,000 botanical illustrations.  Browseable by author, title, or illustration. Searchable by common or scientific name (illustrations only). Highlights include Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, Köhler's 1887 guide to medicinal plants; Elizabeth Blackwell's A curious herbal. Provides links to additional information on some plants depicted in images and authors.