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Grants & Scholarships

Past Research Grant Recipients

Past Recipients

Research Grant Recipients

2021    Dr. Paul Polechla Jr., Ph.D.
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Paul Polechla Jr., Ph.D. as the 2021 HSA Research Grant recipient. The project funded by HSA is “Best Cultivation Techniques of traditional New Mexico Native and Introduced (New World and Old World) Herb Species"

2020    Matthew Rubin, Ph.D.
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Matthew Rubin, Ph.D. as the 2020 HSA Research Grant recipient. The project funded by HSA is “Characterizing patterns of phenotypic variation and covariation in natural populations of American Licorice (Glycyrrhiza lepidota).”

2019   Vicki Motz, Ph.D. with Lyn Young

The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Vicki Motz, Ph.D. with Lyn Young as the 2019 HSA Research Grant recipient. Their project is “Comparative Antibiotic Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Four Monarda Species.” 

2018    Steven N. Jeffers, Ph.D
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Steven N. Jeffers, Ph.D., as the 2018-2019 Research Grant Recipient. The project funded by HSA is "."Evaluation of fungicides for managing phytophthora root and crown rot in Lavender."

2017    John Taylor, Ph.D. 
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of John Taylor, Ph.D., as the 2017-2018 Research Grant Recipient. The project funded by HSA is "Current and Historical Production and Use of Herbs by Ethnic and Migrant Communities in Greater Providence, Rhode Island."

2016     Margaret Skinner, Ph.D.
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Margaret Skinner, Ph.D., as the 2016-2017 Research Grant Recipient. The project funded by HSA is "Quality Assessment of Saffron Grown in Northern New England-Determine quality of saffron grown in Vermont high tunnels."

2015    Delini Samarasinghe
The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Delini Samarasinghe as the 2015-16 Research Grant Recipient. The project funded by HSA is "Understanding the regulation of artemisinin biosynthesis in the antimalarial herb Artemisia annua L.: effects of salt stress."

2014    Dr. Michael Olszewski – Temple University
Growth of herbs on a green roof; effect of media components on physical characteristics, moisture retention and nutrient uptake and growth of basil, rosemary, oregano, mint and sage. Using biochar as the growth medium plans to study the results of growing herb on a rooftop gardens.

2013    Dr. Chastity Bradford & Dr. Willard Collier
Investigating Angiotensin 1-7 Enhancement by Hibiscus sabdariffa as a novel therapeutic strategy for treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension.

2012    Maciej A. Pszczolkowski
A green alternative to an organophosphate neurotoxin: preventing apple infestation by codling moth with an extract from a US native plant. To identify insect feeding deterrents from Artemisia ludoviciana (Nutt.) a species native to North America, thereby reducing pesticide use on apple plantations.

2011    Grant Gooden
Out of the Bushes and into the Trees: Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies and Comparative Plastid Genomics in Current Challenges in Mint Systematics. To generate the first chloroplast genomes in the mint family (Lamiaceae) and to advance mint systematics for the benefit of both science and humanity.

2008    Laura Wright
Turmeric and Ginger Extracts in the Prevention of Osteoclastic Bone Destruction-determine relative efficacies of chemical components of turmeric and ginger in the inhibition of osteoclast differentiation

2007    Jeanne Peters
Evaluation of nonanoic acid and Trichoderma hazianum as biocontrol control in the suppression of Pythium ssp. and Botrytis cincera in Ocimum bascilicum L.

2006    Julie Wyatt
Limiting similarity and species co-existence in the herbaceous layer of old growth and secondary forests

2003    Rachel Williams
Dissection of the complex patterns of polyploidy formation in Pycnanthemum (Lamiaceae) using phylogenies based on nrITS sequence data

2003    Aswini Pai
Genetic diversity of Acorus calamus

2002    Joanne K. Morse, Ph.D.
Relationships between Gingko biloba and Ginseng on Apoptosis in Alzheimer’s fibroblasts

2001    Jessie Anne Keith
Plant Systematics and Phylogenetics

2000    Allison Davis 
Preserving knowledge of traditional plants in the Houma Community of Louisiana

2000    Alain Touwaide
Plant representations in Byzantium-A pictorial dictionary

1999    Martha A. Case, Ph.D.
Localization and conservation of genetic variation in ginseng (Panax quinquefolius): An imperiled American herb

1997    James A. Bauml & Stacy Schaefer
Traditional dye plants of the Huichol Indians of Mexico


Grant for Educators Recipients

2016    Fayette Academy, Cordonva, Tennessee
The project funded included students in grades PK-10, who actively conducted STEM plant hands-om projects in the schools Action Garden.

2015    Mendota Mental Health Institute — Growing Herbs for Leisure, Skill Building and Therapeutic 
Benefit in a Mental 2015 Health Setting – Madison, Wisconsin
The goal of this project is to incorporate the growth, appreciation, and use of herbs in a rehabilitation program.

2014    Jodi Songer Riedel, Wakefield High School, Raleigh, NC
Students will collaborate to research herbs, design and install a garden, cultivate and harvest the herbs and prepare and preserve the herbs. Over 150 will cultivate the gardens each year and a diverse student population of 2,900 will ultimately observe and experience the garden. Students will construct wreaths, cook foods and produce preserves that will be canned. This is a sustainable project that will cover numerous Agricultural Education course objectives. In addition, student will incorporate writing and 21st century skills by authoring a bi-weekly blog about the garden.

2014    Regan Emmons, The Arboretum at Flagstaff, Flagstaff, AZ
To augment our existing herb garden and use this area to expand our public education programming around herbs by adding more native, heirloom and traditional herb and vegetable varieties of the Colorado Plateau. During events and our daily docent tours, we will showcase this expansion and provide educational outreach about the historical and cultural uses of herbs, including the “three sisters” (beans, corn, and squash), a Native American practice of companion planting used in this region. We will further experiment and educate on the concept of companion planting by inter-planting herbs with vegetables to determine if they will deter rodents and subsequently protect vegetables from herbivory.

2013    St. Tammany Parish, LA
Outdoor Classroom Organic Gardening and Compositing: Students learn horticultural skills, natural sciences, advanced  mathematics, language arts, technology, social studies, health and consumer sciences, philanthropy and entrepreneurship

2013 Marais des Cygnes Society
Beyond Parsley – Broadening Herbal Horizons:  Using heritage herb gardens, children will learn the historical Butler, MO uses of herbs and the value and use of herbs in an overall nutrition program

2012    North Union Farmers Market
In 2011 the Mighty Locavores program was introduced to Cleveland public schools and in 2012 the project will be expanded to rural and suburban schools. The Mighty Locavores program will be featured at the Annual Garlic Festival in the "Growin' with Garlic and Herbs area. This grant will underwrite the children's herb-growing activities of the festival.

2011    Massachusetts Audubon Society
Learning Landscapes – professional signage Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary and educational materials

2008    Dr. Margaret Conover
Beyond the Chia Pet

2007    Emily M. Habinck
Herbs and Herbarium

2005    Patricia Larson
Our School Subherban Garden


Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant Recipients

  2017 - 2018
      David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center-North Miami, FL
      Eagle Peak Montessori School-Walnut Creek, CA
      Hardyston Middle School-Hamburg, NJ
      Ignite Achievement Academy-Indianapolis, IN
      Iroquois Elementary School-Erie, PA
     Jemison Intermediate School-Jemison, AL
     Lew Wallace Elementary School-Albuquerque, NM
     St. Anne School-Bristol, VA
     Stephen Foster Elementary-Gainesville, FL

    Abigail Adams Middle School,  Weymouth, MA
    Audubon Elementary School,  Merritt Island, FL
    Burgess Elementary School,  Myrtle Beach, SC
    Chet's Creek Elementary School,  Jacksonville, FL
    Della Davidson Elementary School,  Oxford, MS
    G.W. Carver Elementary School,  Yuma, AZ
    Jefferson Elementary School,  Normandy, St. Louis, MO
    Nightingale Montessori School,  Springfield, OH
    Russell Lee Elementary School,  Austin, TX
    Whitehall Memorial Elementary,  Whitehall, WI

    Indoor Herb Garden
    Bailey Middle School, Cornelius, NC
    Evergreen Middle School, Brooklyn, NY
​    Jere Whitston Elementary School, Cookville, TN
​    Albert Hall School, Waterville, ME 

    Outdoor Herb Garden
​    Douglas Elementary, Tyler, TX
​    Dahlonegah Public School, Stilwell, OK
​    6th Street Elementary, Silver City, NM
​    Simonton Elementary School, Lawrenceville, GA
​    South Side Elementary Museum Magnet School, Miami, FL

    Indoor Grants
​    Creekside Middle School, Port Orange, Florida
​    Matapeake Elementary School, Stevensville, Maryland
​    Pinecrest School, Annadale, Virginia
​    St. Augustine Catholic School, Richmond, Michigan

    Outdoor Grants
​    Charles E. Boger Elementary School, Kannapolis, North Carolina
​    Cougar Run Elementary, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
​    Grant Elementary, San Diego, California
​    Tuskegee Public School, Tuskegee Alabama
​    Whiting School, Whiting, New Jersey

    Indoor  Grants
​    Helen Tyson Middle School, Springdale, Arkansas
​    PS 124, Yung Wing Elementary, New York, New York
​    Thea Bowman Leadership Academy, Gary, Indiana
​    Woodside Avenue School, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

    Outdoor Grants
​    Camellia Basic Elementary, Sacramento, California
​    Grant Avenue, Bronx, New York
​    Hiseville Elementary, Hiseville, Kentucky
​    Kids Unlimited Academy, Toledo, Ohio
​    Myersville Elementary, Myersville, Maryland

    Indoor Grants
​    Central Elementary School, Franklin, Pennsylvania
​    Corley Elementary School, Lawrenceville, Georgia
​    Eastover Elementary School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
​    Oak Hill Academy, Lincroft, New Jersey

    Outdoor Grants
​    Bonsall Elementary, Bonsall, California
​    Champlain Elementary, Burlington, Vermont
​    Glade Run School, Zelienople, Pennsylvania
​    Seven Generations Charter School, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
​    Wilkinson Middle School, Madison Heights, Michigan

    Indoor Grants
​    Los Angeles Academy, Los Angeles, California
​    MMI Preparatory School, Freeland, Pennsylvania
​    St. Stevens Academy, Zelienople, Pennsylvania
​    Worthington Hooker School, New Haven, Connecticut

    Outdoor Grants
​    Buena Vista Enhanced Option School, Nashville, Tennessee
​    Goshen Center School, Goshen, Connecticut
​    Pilot Grove C-4 Elementary, Pilot Grove, Missouri
​    Richmond Elementary School, Richmond, Vermont
​    Robert J. Obrien School, East Hartford, Connecticut

    Indoor Grants
​    The Mickey Mantle School, New York, New York
​    Euclid Schools, Special Education Classroom, Euclid, Ohio