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MEMBERS - sign in to enjoy the Armchair Tour of the National Herb Garden! Presented by NHG Curator, Chrissy Moore and shared by The West District.

Promising Plants

Herb Study Guide

Herb study – even more fun as a group!

If there is a particular herb (or group of herbs) that you and others would be interested in studying in detail, or if there is an herb that excites just a small number of your unit, the Herb Study Guide is a great resource to utilize to create a custom study program for your group. Smaller groups are more flexible and so can delve deeper into areas of mutual curiosity, and progress at a pace tailored to fit just the few. The needs of your group will define the purpose of the study group!

Herb study groups can benefit participants in myriad ways – it can:
• Create a tighter bond among members (unit members or members at large)
• Increase HSA recognition in your community, and recruit new members
• Meet a greater variety of member interests
• Address specific learning needs of both long-term and new members
• Increase member attendance and participation through more flexible meeting times
• Focus on a single topic or project
• Enhance Unit engagement, blossom into an HSA event or newsletter article, or be featured on HSAs website


DOWNLOAD the Herb Study Guide