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Northeast Wisconsin

The Northeast Wisconsin Unit of The Herb Society of America

We would like to introduce ourselves and invite you to “try us out”!

Who are we?
We are the Northeast Wisconsin Unit of the Herb Society of America (NEWHSA), a small group of herb enthusiasts who started as an herb study group.  In 2002, we requested and received affiliation with the Herb Society of America.  We are only the second herb organization in Wisconsin to gain this affiliation.

When do we meet?
May through September, we meet on the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:00 p.m., at the Green Bay Botanical Garden (or at 5:00 p.m. if you want to work in the herb garden).  October through April, we meet on the second Saturday in the morning of the month for a brunch meeting, which are held at the Planhigion Herbal Learning Center in Seymour.  Keep an eye on our calendar for changes.

We sit down with a cup of herbal tea and discuss the herb of the month, including the botany, lore, history, culinary and medicinal aspects, and any current research.  Please call for our calendar of events, information, and/or directions.

Is that all we do?
No – We have “work and craft days” where we get together and make herb related projects: concrete leaves, salves, rose beads, fairy gardens, hyper-tufa, paper, candles, soap, gazing balls, decoupage herb canvases, cooking with herbs, and other projects.

We tend the Medicinal, Butterfly, and Bible Herb Gardens at the Green Bay Botanical Garden (GBBG).  In addition, we have an annual Garden Rummage Sale in May and help decorate for Christmas at Heritage Hill.

We sponsor the only HerbFest in Northeast Wisconsin!  The HerbFest will be returning in 2014 when our Scottish friends visit us and participate.  Stay tuned for more information.

In 2004, we became a “sister” club to an herb club from northern Scotland, "The Heart of Scotland Herb Society."  Some of us visited them in June of 2007.  They visited us in 2009.  We went back again in 2012, and they will be visiting again in 2014.

We also have a plant and seed exchange.  Those of us with “extra” plants or seeds bring them to meetings, and those who need or want those plants, take them home.  You do not have to bring something to take something – As our gardens develop, we all love to share.

We have even started a book club for our literary members – The Book Thymes.  We meet every other month at Barnes and Noble to discuss fictional books with any mentions of plants and herbs.  In addition, we have added a cook club, which meets a couple of times a year and enjoys an ethnic cuisine.

Are we a large group?
No – We only have about 20 very friendly members in Green Bay.  We are all “new,” so we work together to promote our club’s growth and unity.

What is our Mission Statement?
Our unit brings together all generations for learning and sharing as a circle of friends.  Looking back to Mother Earth for learning how to use what she has already provided for centuries, for both health and spirit.

Do we have a newsletter?
Yes – We offer the FREE quarterly e-zine, "The Wisconsin Herbalist," which may be found at  It is full of articles from authors all over with tips on growing and using our wonderful plants.

Do we have dues?
Yes – We have annual dues of $20.00.  Membership rates are based on an annual basis, beginning the month of May.  Membership with a membership to the Herb Society of America is $60.00 for an individual. 

Membership in The Herb Society of America (HSA)
The Herb Society of America is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experience of its members with the community.  If you are interested in additional information, please visit their website to view their Membership Brochure.

Do we have a website?
Yes! Our newsletters, meeting dates, information regarding upcoming events, and more will be posted at our website

Do you have to know a lot about herbs to participate?
Not – We are an organization based on learning and sharing information.  We guarantee that every month each of us will learn something new.  You are WELCOME to join our herbal adventures!  We look forward to sharing and learning the beauty of gardening together! 

For additional information, who can you contact?
If you have questions, please contact our chair.