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Gardens of The Herb Society of America

Wisconsin Unit

Wisconsin Unit

The Wisconsin Unit of the Herb Society of America has been supporting the Herb Garden at Boerner Botanical Gardens since it’s beginning in 1974. The Unit makes an annual grant to the Herb Garden, which is used for plants and seeds. In addition, the Unit sponsored the horticulturist in charge of the Herb Garden for two weeks of study at the National Herb Garden. The Unit has provided funding for concrete planters, the recasting of an historic Boerner birdbath and signage for all of the herbs, and a decorative tree. Special accruements for the Garden continue to be funded as needed. The Herb Garden is designed in the tradition of an old English garden. Each bed has a different theme that consists of:
SPA• Herbs used in a knot design
SPA• Fragrant herbs
SPA• Herbs for insect control
SPA• Biblical herbs
SPA• Culinary herbs
SPA• Medicinal herbs
SPA• Herbs for dyeing
SPA• Native herbs
SPA• Themed herbs (a new theme is chosen each year)

The Unit gives classed on herbs and informative walks through the Herb Garden, which are open to the public. Funding for the Herb Garden comes from an annual Herb Fair that is held at Boerner Botanical Garden each May. The Garden, which is municipally owned by Milwaukee County are open to the public April through November, sunrise to sunset. We are in zone 5 and have excellent soil from original topsoil and amendments that have been added for the 60 years.