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Gardens of The Herb Society of America

Hill Country Unit

Hill Country Unit

In 2008 The Hill Country Unit established its first Herb Garden at a community venue entitled Emily Ann Theatre and Gardens. The gardens and two theaters have become a showplace in the Central Texas area and attract over 10,000 people for the 2 major annual events -- Butterfly Day (releasing 3400 Monarch butterflies) and Christmas Trail of Lights. This garden is a small Mediterranean herb garden bordered by a limestone cliff, which is a perfect spot for the prostrate rosemaries to spill over the wall.

In 2011 we were asked to develop a children's herb garden located in the Children's activity area of this 15-acre natural setting. Our Children's Sensory Garden is designed to attract and engage children to provide knowledge and appreciation of Texas native and adapted herbs for culinary, craft, ornamental, and medicinal uses. It also provides knowledge of the unique herbal environment found in the Texas Hill Country. Partnering with the local middle schools Science Department, we are developing hands-on activities to support the botany curriculum for the local middle school.

The Gardens are open to the public (free admission) year round and supported by local and national donations and grants. The Children's Sensory Garden is a work in progress as seen by the photos. The Hill Country Unit provides the maintenance for these gardens and supports them through funds derived from our annual Herb Celebration Day in October.