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2024 Educational Conference

Member Garden Stories

EdCon 2024 Member Garden Story

Want to submit a Garden Story for EdCon 2024? 
Here’s the dirt!   
Here’s how!

Many gardeners are natural storytellers, and we would love to hear from you. The typed stories will be printed and distributed at EdCon 2024. Your name will appear in the story. Understand that the stories will be proofread and might be slightly edited.

If you prefer, you can record your story as a video. Whichever you decide, the guidelines are the same.

·        Submit your story between February 15 and May 15, 2024.

·        Only HSA members may submit a story.

·        There is a limit of one story per member.

·        No, you don’t have to attend the conference. (We hope you do!)

·        The story must mention or feature an herb.

·        If typed, please limit your story to approximately 300 words. No photographs.

·        If recorded, limit it to approximately three minutes.


1.     Create your story in Microsoft Word or similar program. You can also simply type your story in an email.

2.     Include a brief title, your name, state of residence, Unit name or Member at Large.

3.     Send your typed story via email to:

4.     If we use your story, you will receive an email confirmation.


1.     Film your video and post it to your own personal account on Facebook or Instagram.

2.     Use hashtag #herbsociety so we can share it. On Instagram you also can share it using @herbsociety as a “Collaborator.”

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Questions? Email us at