Finance FAQ

Update January 2003

How is HSA funded?
The Herb Society funds its annual operating expenses from three sources: member dues and fees (including symposia proceeds and the sale of books and other goods), fundraising activities (the annual fund drive, special appeals), and income from HSA investment accounts.

How are HSA funds used?
The majority of HSA’s annual budget - over 80% - is devoted to program expenses: organizing the national symposia, maintaining the library, website, and archives, publishing The Herbarist and the newsletters, providing research grants, and supporting the intern at the National Herb Garden. Approximately 15% covers administrative expenses: office expenditures, board meetings, and maintaining The Vineyard House – our national headquarters building. The remaining amount of the budget is devoted to membership development and fundraising.

How can I donate to HSA?
We truly appreciate all gifts that will help HSA fulfill its mission. Members and friends of The Society may donate to our annual fund campaign, although we gratefully accept gifts throughout the year. Our organization receives donations in many forms, including cash, securities (stocks and bonds), and in-kind donations of goods and services. HSA also invites members to join our Founders’ Circle – individuals who plan to provide for the future of The Society through their wills or other type of planned giving. Please contact headquarters to learn more about giving to The Herb Society.

How are the funds invested?
Funds received by HSA are invested in a manner in keeping with the purpose of the fund and the intentions of the donor. Funds can be designated as permanently restricted, temporarily restricted, or unrestricted. Permanently restricted funds are primarily endowments: income from the investments is used for specific purposes while the principal is left intact. Examples of HSA’s permanently restricted endowments include:
•••• The Frances Ellis Price Fund for operations and program expenses
•••• The National Herb Garden Endowment
•••• The Research & Education Endowment
•••• The Founders Library Fund
•••• The Presidents Endowment to be used for HSA Headquarters’ landscape & gardens

Temporarily restricted funds are established to accomplish a specific program or project, using both principal and income. Examples include:
•••• The Tasha Tudor Fund to fund the intern at The National Herb Garden
•••• The Members-at-Large Fund
•••• The District Delegates Fund
•••• The Ellen Remmel Memorial Fund – used to establish & maintain HSA internet site
•••• Unrestricted funds can be used for any purpose.

For more information about these funds, contact headquarters for a copy of HSA’s “Fund History” document.

How are District Membership Delegates funded?
Expenses for our District Delegates to attend national board meetings are covered by our national operating budget or, in specific cases, by the members-at-large fund. All other expenses (phone calls to members in their districts, copying and postage for the district newsletters, and travel to visit members) are paid from the district delegate fund. The primary sources of income for this fund are:
•••• Donations from district members, either individually or as a unit.
•••• Various fundraisers conducted by the delegates.
•••• Business support in the district.
•••• Surplus from district gatherings.

HSA-IRS 990 PF-2018  View The Herb Society's 2018/2019 tax filing.


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