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Our premier publication, The Herbarist, an annual journal packed with
informative articles, beautiful images, and fascinating content from all
around the herb world. Written and published by The Herb Society of
America since 1935, The Herbarist continues to inform, inspire, and ex-
pand our members' knowledge of the latest in herbal information.
• Authors are invited to submit articles to The Herbarist
• Advertise in The Herbarist to reach a large audience of like-minded enthusiasts


by Dorothy Spencer
Members: $4.00* + Postage / Non-members: $6.00* + Postage


by Katherine Schlosser
This indispensable HSA guide takes the guesswork out of using herbs
in the garden and in the kitchen by providing detailed information for
cultivating a wide variety of herbs, along with easy-to-follow recipes
that will surely impress even the most discerning palate.


Fascinating and informative, the new Herb of the Year Guide is loaded
with history, beautiful images and tasty recipes! Pick up yours today.


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