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The Herbarist 2006

Table of Contents

Gather the Enchanted Herbs
by Jennifer Newton and Francie Owens

Lemon Balm: Not Just a Sweet Smelling Weed Anymore
by Charles E. Voigt

Herbs Heal in Women's Prison
by Claudia Van Nes

Garden of Glass: Reflections on Harvard's Glass Flowers
by Susan Rossi-Wilcox

The History of Fragrance
by Jane Knaapen Cole

Herbal Beverages Make a Social Splash
by Edna McCallion

Plants to Poison Mind and Body
by Caroline Holmes

Heirloom Herbs: A History for the 21st Century Gardener
by John Forti

Za'atar and Hyssop: Everyday Spice and Ancient Herb
by Jo Ann Gardner

Housekeeping with Herbs
by Sheri Ann Richerson

Wedding Herbs
by Marion Bates