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Congratulations to
Delini Samarasinghe 2015-2016 Research Grant Recipient

The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Delini Samarasinghe as the 2015-16 Research Grant Recipient. The project funded by HSA is "Understanding the regulation of artemisinin biosynthesis in the antimalarial herb Artemisia annua L.: effects of salt stress."

The HSA Grant for Educators Committee
are pleased to announce the
2015 -16 grant award recipients.

Congratulations to the 2015-2016
Grant For Educators Recipients:

You Inc. Educational Day Academy Herb Garden, Millbury, Massachusetts

Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc. is a private, non-profit child welfare and behavior health organization serving at-risk children, adolescents and families since 1971.

The goal of this project is to incorporate herbs into the garden including herbs for teas and aromatics to dovetail with a new horticultural curriculum, that will include the production of infused oils and teas.

Jose Marti Freshman Herb Garden, Union City, New Jersey

The goal of this project is to transform a neglected garden area into an oasis for exploring scents, biodiversity and the food web for students, their parents and guests. It is estimated that 650 ninth grade students will be reached during the first year.

Mendota Mental Health Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

Growing Herbs for Leisure, Skill Building and Therapeutic Benefit in a Mental Health Setting

The goal of this project is to incorporate the growth, appreciation and use of herbs in a rehabilitation program.


The HSA Board of Directors and the Awards Committee
is pleased
to announce the 2015 award recipients.

Helen de Conway Little Medal of Honor
      Pat Kenny, Potomac Unit, Mid-Atlantic District

Nancy Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture
        Mary Ann Thomas, Philadelphia Unit, Mid-Atlantic District

Joanna McQuail Reed Award for the Artistic Use of Herbs
             Maggie Limburg, New York Unit, Northeast District

Certificate of Achievement
Dawn Fry, Pennsylvania Heartland Unit, Mid-Atlantic District
Jean Marsh, Texas Thyme Unit, South Central District
Marion Sullivan, Member at Large, South Central District

  Certificate of Appreciation
Mildred Gordon, Potomac Unit, Mid-Atlantic District
Toni Foglesong, Nashville Unit, Southeast District
Ida Wallenmeyer, Potomac Unit, Mid-Atlantic District

The award winners will be honored during the 2015 Awards and Recognition Dinner,
May 9, 2015, in Williamsburg, Virginia

to Ginny Smith 1st prize and Joan Burton 2nd prize
Winners of the 2015 Educational Conference Raffle

See you in Williamsburg!

The 2014 HSA Winter Newsletter is available NOW!
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Samull Grant Awards announced!

Award recipients:
Indoor Herb Garden

Creekside Middle School,
Port Orange, Florida

Matapeake Elementary School,
Stevensville, Maryland

Pinecrest School,
Annadale, Virginia

St. Augustine Catholic School,
Richmond, Michigan

Outdoor Herb Garden

Charles, E. Boger Elementary School,
Kannapolis, North Carolina

Cougar Run Elementary,
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Grant Elementary, San Diego, California

Tuskegee Public School,
Tuskegee Alabama

Whiting School,
Whiting, New Jersey

Science article #9
Western Medicine Discovers Thunder God Vine and Corydalis

Image of Compedium of Materia Medica, Wikipedia

With increasing frequency, Western medicine is learning from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The value of investigations into the validity of traditional Chinese medicine... Read more


HSA Garden Scarecrow at Goblins in the Garden!

Artemisia, (or Arti to her friends) will be spending the weekend with other scarecrows at Holden Arboretum's annual Goblins in the Garden!

Arti was created by HSA staff and gardening friends using all plant materials!

Chili Peppers, Old and New!
Science article series #8

Capsaicin is the compound that gives chili peppers their burn.  In recent years, scientists have begun to research possible health benefits of the chemical.  A capsaicin nasal spray...Read More

The Fascinating Lives of Bees, Part One!
Science article series #7


Exciting new research is revealing much about how bees of all kinds live. For example, how do honeybees choose the location for a new hive? When the population of a honeybee hive... Read More

HSA Essential Guide to Artemisia is now available

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New! Science Article #6


Hidden Benefits of Parsley, Oregano, and Rose Hips

Herbs lend a wonderful fragrance and flavor to our food and can be used to reduce the amount of salt we use. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.These are the well-known benefits of these foods. But scientists continue to do research in order to understand the hidden benefits...
Read More

The Latest article in the series of Science Articles #5

Image credit Elizabeth Kennel

Artemisia, China, and Malaria

The current-day story of Artemisia annua and artemisinin could in many ways be compared to the story of pepper, cinnamon, and other spices many centuries ago. From its early appearance in China and ancient use in medicine, it has spread to become a widely used treatment for malaria in Africa and a common plant in other parts of the world...Read More

Summer 2014 HSA Newsletter....

....is now available to HSA members in the Members Only Section.
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Survey of Cultivation and Use of Savory, Herb of the Year for The Herb Society of America Essential Guide to Savory.

We are interested in your knowledge and experience with Savory (Satureja spp.), the upcoming Herb of the Year for 2015.  As the editor of the Essential Guide to Savory – 2015, I would like to include the knowledge and experience of growing and using savories by members of The Herb Society of America across the country.  The sharing of your information about savories will benefit all the members of HSA.  Please take a few minutes to answer this survey and please include any recipes, folklore, anecdotes and additional information on this wonderful and underutilized genus of herbs.

An e-mail survey has been sent to all HSA members with e-mail addresses

 Henry Flowers, HSA Pioneer Unit and HSA Essential Guide to Savory Editor

 Please click here to view the survey

Science Article #4

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Goat’s Rue, Diabetes, and Cancer Research

Galega officinalis (goat’s rue) is a perennial, native to central and southern Europe and from Turkey to Pakistan. It has been used medicinally for centuries. The plant is known to increase lactation, an attribute that was documented in 1873 when cows given goat’s rue greatly increased their milk production. Historically, Galega was used to treat many diseases, including plague (Bown, p. 218). Today, it is best known for its ability to lower blood sugar. In the 1920’s derivatives of the plant (biguanides) were shown to lower blood sugar in rabbits. It was not until 1994 that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration approved one of the derivatives, metformin, for use in treating diabetes. Read more

Science Article #3

California Grapes

Soon members of The Herb Society of America who attend our 2014 National Conference in California will have the opportunity to visit the wine district.  The Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, as well as other areas of California, are home to acres upon acres of wine grapes.  Roses (2012 Herb of the Year), also grow well in the region, since many types have the same pH, moisture, sun, and nutrient requirements as grapes.  Some of the wineries even have gardens with prominent displays of roses.  In fact a common sight in the region is a vineyard with rosebushes growing at the ends of the rows of grapes.  But why put roses in the vineyards?  The roses serve the same role as the canary in the mine.  Powdery mildew (Oidium) can be a problem to California’s grapes late in the growing season. Read More...

Science Article #2

Basil Downy Mildew

Basil has become the leading culinary herb in the United States.  Twenty percent of the herb in this country is imported, so it is available year round.  Unfortunately basil plants throughout many states are now being infested by a recently introduced downy mildew (Peronospora belbahrii). 
Read the full article

First in a new series of Science Articles


The Native Herb Conservation Committee (NHCC) of The Herb Society of America (HSA) has chosen Asclepias variegata (a species of milkweed) as the Notable Native Herb for 2014. The word milkweed immediately reminds many...Read the full article

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Olszewski as the recipient of the 2014-2015 HSA Research Grant

The Research Grant Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Michael Olszewski's project -"Growth of herbs on a green roof: effects of media components (biochar, compost, heat-expanded clay) on the physical characteristics, moisture retention and nutrient uptake and growth of basil, rosemary, oregano, mint and sage"

Check out the latest addition to the HSA Blog!

Monarchs Need Milkweed

2014 Educational Conference Updates

Still thinking about attending the 2014 Educational Conference and Annual Meeting of Members in California?

Why? Make your reservations now! Take a vacation, enjoy the conference and explore California!

There are so many unique places to visit in California, the organized tours could not include all the sights. Here are more great places to visit during your stay in California.

Alcatraz, just the name may cause you to think “why visit a prison?” The Gardens of Alcatraz are the reason to visit this island in the San Francisco Bay.  Read more

Take some time to visit the many beautiful vineyards. Napa and Sonoma are the most famous but there are several more areas that produce excellent wines. Taste and experience wine from all of California...Read about Experience California Wines by Brian Moore, Speaker at 2014 Educational Conference.

Your Incredible Edible Herb Garden Cooking Series

With Chef Brian Doyle of SOW Food and Karen Kennedy, HSA Educator

Join us each month as we feature a flavorful course, focusing special attention on herbs. Each class will include demonstrations, tastings and recipes as well as information on how to grow, harvest and prepare the herbs used. Whether you have a traditional herb garden, grow in a patio container or shop at farmers' markets, this series is a greatway to bring the harvest into your kitchen to enhance flavor and health! Discount for participants who register for all four classes. Space is limited.

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
All Classes will be held at
The Herb Society of America Headquarters
9019 Kirtland Chardon Road
Kirtland, OH 44094

Click here for more information and to register

Congratulations to the 2014 -2015 Grant for Educators Recipients

An Herban Garden Revolution
Wakefield High School, Raleigh, NC

Students in four classes at an urban high school in Raleigh, NC will collaborate to research herbs, design and install a garden, cultivate and harvest the herbs, and prepare and preserve the herbs. Over 150 will cultivate the gardens each year and a diverse student population of 2,900 will ultimately observe or somehow experience the herb garden. Students will construct wreaths, cook foods, and produce preserves that will be canned. This is a sustainable project that will cover numerous Agricultural Education course objectives. In addition, students will incorporate writing and 21st century skills by authoring a bi-weekly blog.

Gardening with Native and Traditional Herbs
The Arboretum at Flagstaff, Arizona

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is dedicated to educating and inspiring its 15,000+ yearly visitors about plants native to the Colorado Plateau and others adapted to Northern Arizona’s unique high-elevation environment. We propose to expand our public education programming by further developing our herb garden to benefit all visitors, including adults, children, and students of all ages.  Through this new program, we will offer education regarding native, heirloom, and traditional Native American herb and vegetable varieties of the Colorado Plateau, as well as the concept of companion planting to deter pests, attract pollinators, and encourage garden productivity.  

HSA Spring 2014 Newsletter...

is now available on line in the Members Only Section

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Busy Baton Rouge Unit...

Baton Rouge Unit members, Rita Salman and Kathy Mullin presented an herbal tasting program to members of the American Culinary Federation. The group included students from Louisiana Culinary Institute as well as working chefs.  How surprised when 48 people showed up!

The president of the American Culinary Federation praised the program, "Thanks again for last night you were terrific!!! Looking forward to working with the Herb Society in the future."

Less than two weeks later the Baton Rouge were given a donation by the American Culinary Federation to support the efforts for the Burden Herb Garden.  You never know what may come of a presentation or building relationships.

To read more about the Baton Rouge Unit's Burden Garden
View the plans for Burden Garden

Mark Ragland, Virginia Commonwealth Unit member
shares growing a tea garden with HGTV!

Congratulations Mark!

Read the article here

New Artemesia Research

Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge is conducting research on extracts from members of the Artemisia plant species and insulin receptor signaling.


2014 Award Recipients announced

The HSA Board of Directors and the Awards Committee is please to announce the 2014 award recipients.

John Forti - Nancy  Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture

Sue Arnold - Certificate of Achievement

Charlene Rupp - Certificate of Appreciation

For descriptions of these and other HSA awards, please refer to the awards section on the HSA website (click here) learn the criteria for each award category.

The awards committee will be pleased to begin accepting nominations for 2015.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2014 Raffle

First Prize Winner, 2014 Educational Conference Registration and two night hotel accommodations:
Mary Doebbeling, Member at Large from Cleburne, Texas

Second Prize Winner, 2014 Educational Conference Registration
Linda Rowlett, Member of the Pioneer Unit, from Industry, Texas

See you in California!

Enjoy The Herb Society of America November Blog

This month features The Daniel Boone Homestead.

The Homestead is approximately one hour west of Philadelphia, it’s a great place to visit when traveling through Pennsylvania.


2014 HSA Herb Garden Calendar

NEW for 2014! a 5" X 7" desk sized calendar with spaces for daily notes. $6.95each plus shipping


 The original 14.5" x 10" wall size with large days for notes and a hole for hanging. $11.95each plus shipping


 Pre-orders will start on Tuesday, October 14, 2013. Click here to pre-order your 2014 calendars

Calendars will be shipped the week of November 4, 2013.

 Just in time for holiday gift giving!


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Herb Garden Calendar Contest!

Desk size calendar cover by Hendrika Sluder, NorthEast Seacoast Unit, Northeast District

Wall size calendar cover by Jean Marsh, Texas Thyme Unit, South Central District

 Monthly Winners -
January - Sandra Osborne, Wisconsin Unit, Central District
February - Carole Kincaid, Wisconsin Unit, Central District
March - Amy Borer, Philadelphia Unit, Mid-Atlantic District
April - Hendrika Sluder, NorthEast Seacoast Unit, Northeast District
May - Jennifer Munson, NorthEast Seacoast Unit, Northeast District
June - Craig de Fasselle, Member at Large, Great Lakes District
July - Robert Walland, Member at Large, Great Lakes District
August - Jennifer Munson, NorthEast Seacoast Unit, Northeast District
September - Jean Marsh, Texas Thyme Unit, South Central District
October - Karen Kennedy, Member at Large, Great Lakes District
November - Sandra Osborne, Wisconsin Unit, Central District
December - Jean Marsh, Texas Thyme Unit, South Central District

Enjoy The Herb Society of America October Blog

Click here to enjoy herbal stories from members of The Herb Society of America.

The Fall 2013 HSA Newsletter

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6 issues per year full of fascinating in-depth articles which include recipes, crafting instructions, wildcrafting information and herbal lore. Whether you are new to herbs or an "old hand", you'll find lots of great information here. The print version of the magazine is available to US subscribers only. US subscribers may choose either print or PDF version. Choose from the drop-down below. Subscribers outside of the US may choose only the pdf version.The Essential Herbal is a herb magazine that you can prop up on the kitchen counter while trying recipes, take along to the the natural food store, herb shop, or garden center to help you shop for the best stuff. We originally called it an “herbal newsletter,” but since early 2004 when we began running 32 pages, it became an “herbal magazine.” There are 6 issues per year.

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100% silk scarf 72" by 16" featuring the 2013 Notable Native Herb Monarda fistulosa designed by Kevin O'Brien Studio in Philadelphia

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The basket has an attached lid, the laser cut drawing on the lid was created by HSA member Pat Kenny of The Herb Society of America, Potomac Unit. Each basket include a brass tag on the front and a certificate to register the basket with American Traditions Basket Company.

Each basket is number and is a limited edition of 50 baskets.

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 Essential Guide to Elderberry-2013 Herb of the Year

HSA Members Only Access to the guide is available on the HSA website
Learn more...

Printed copies will be available after April 22, 2013
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2013 American Horticulture Reciprocal Garden Program (RAP)

The 2013 American Horticulture Reciprocal Garden Brochure is now available in the HSA Members Only Section Click here to view
New for 2013 a searchable map of garden locations! Click here to view

HSA Member in the News

Henry Flowers, Pioneer Unit member, HSA Award Recipient and Director of grounds at Round Top Festival Institute is featured in the Houston Chronicle sharing Herbs; a gardener's great companion plant!

Remember the 18th annual Herbal Forum, the Fruitful Herbal Harvest: March 22 & 23 sponsored by the The Herb Society of America, Pioneer Unit in Round Top, Texas with speakers, workshops and sale.

Read the article


HSA Member in the News

Patricia Leiphart, member of the Western Pennsylvania Unit near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been awarded the Volunteer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for 2012.

From The Western Pennsylvania Unit's newsletter, Herb Thymes; "Pat Leiphart has been a dedicated and loyal volunteer at Old Economy Village since 2008. Logging an average of 50 hours a month, Pat spends her time at various tasks at Old Economy Village. In addition to giving historic tours and filling in at a moment's notice at the front desk, Pat is a tireless worker in the Units Historic Rapp House Gardens."

For those of you who attended the Annual Conference in Pittsburgh in 2011, one of the tours was to Old Economy Village.

Congratulations Pat!

HSA Member in the News

Joan Janssen, member of the Wisconsin Unit and 2013 recipient of The Nancy Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture, has re-published her book, Under the Leaf. The book is a collection of garden related poems originally written for the Wisconsin Unit Newsletter, Sage LeavesNow available at Amazon.com - Click here to view HSA's link to Amazon



HSA has a Blog!

The Herb Society of America has a new blog! Enjoy the stories and share with other herb enthusiasts.

New Site Map for HSA Website

Looking for something on the HSA Website and not sure where to find it? Click here for a listing of what pages you will find under each tab on the website.

New HSA Members Only Discount

HSA members now receive a 10% discount (before taxes and shipping) on purchases from The Growers Exchange. Click for The Growers Exchange website.

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The 2012 issue of The Herbarist

Watch your mailboxes, The Herbarist has been mailed and is on the way Please let headquarters know if you have not received your issue by December 19th.

Being the eagle-eyed and knowledgeable herbarists that you are, you probably noticed that the photographs of Monarda, on pages 22 -23, in the 2012 Herbarist were of Monarda didyma.  The featured tea recipe also called for this red-flowered species.  While used for many of the same purposes, Monarda fistulosa, HSA’s Notable Native for 2013, has lavender-to-pink flowers and is less well known.  M. fistulosa has a broader growing range and has been used for fragrance, preserving and flavoring food, for beverage and for medicine.  You can become more familiar with this Notable Native by downloading the Monarda fistulosa fact sheet from  HSA-Monarda fistulosa Fact Sheet

2012-2013 Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grants Announced

The Herb Society of America, as a recipient of a bequest from the estate of Donald Samull, has established two herb garden grants for teachers in grades 3 through 6. Mr. Samull was an elementary school teacher who used his love of herbs in the classroom with his 3rd-6th grade students. These grants will ensure that his tradition of using herbs with students will continue for years to come.

Indoor Garden Grants
Central Elementary School, Franklin, PA
Corley Elementary School, Lawrenceville, GA
Eastover Elementary School, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Oak Hill Academy, Lincroft, NJ

Outdoor Garden Grants
Bonsall Elementary, Bonsall, CA
Champlain Elementary, Burlington, VT
Glade Run-St. Stephens Academy, Zelienople, PA
Seven Generations Charter School, Emmaus, PA
Wilkinson Middle School, Madison Heights, MI

2013 Awards Recipients Announced

The Herb Society of America is pleased to announce the recipients for the 2013 Herb Society of America awards. Photos and more details about each awardee will appear in the spring 2013 newsletter. The  awards will be presented at the Awards Dinner at the Educational Conference and Annual Meeting of Members in St.  Louis, Missouri, June 22, 2013. Congratulations to:

The Helen De Conway Little Medal of Honor

                Lorraine Keifer,  (Mid-Atlantic District, South Jersey Unit)

  The Nancy Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture

               Joan Janssen  (Central District, Wisconsin Unit)

          The Joanna McQuail Reed Award for the Artistic Use of Herbs

               Geraldine Kovatch  (Central District, Wisconsin Unit)   

  Certificate of Achievement

                          Justina Campbell (Mid-Atlantic District, Pennsylvania Heartland Unit)

                          Hilda Bourgeois Daly (Central  District, Northern Illinois Unit)           

                          Lori Schaeffer (Mid-Atlantic District, Pennsylvania Heartland Unit)                 

 Certificate of Appreciation

              Pat Benson (Central District, Central Indiana Unit)           

              Joyce Douglas (Mid-Atlantic District, Philadelphia Unit)           

             Jacqui Highton (South Central District, South Texas Unit)       



 "Especially for HSA"

This beautiful silk scarf, in pastel tones, was produced in 1997, and quickly sold out. The cost of the silk scarf is $60 and $2.60 shippingTo order online or call headquarters.


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