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HERBS: The Multifunctional Workhorses of the Garden with Rose Loveall-Sale
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 1pm Eastern

Hardworking herbs… the culinary stars, the medicinal marvels, the pollinator magnets and the landscape design workhorses. Learn more about incorporating herbs into your designs with the owner of Morningsun Herb Farm, Rose Loveall. She will speak about the extensive and sometimes unusual uses of some of the lesser known herbs that will add color, fragrance and texture to your planting designs.   

Rose Loveall-Sale, owner, Morningsun Herb Farm  
Rose Loveall-Sale, along with her husband Dan Sale, owns Morningsun Herb Farm, a specialty nursery located in the countryside of Vacaville.  Morningsun propagates and sells over 600 varieties of culinary, medicinal and landscaping herbs, as well as many unusual perennials for hummingbird and butterfly gardening, scented geraniums and heirloom vegetable starts in the spring.  The nursery is located in an old walnut orchard that has been owned by her family for more than a half century.  Spread throughout the property are numerous demonstration gardens, quiet sitting areas and a small gift shop.  Besides the retail nursery, Morningsun also ships plants throughout the United States.

Rose has a B.S. degree from U.C. Berkeley in Forestry, and an M.S. from U.C. Davis in Environmental Horticulture.  She managed research greenhouses for the US Forest Service for 4 years before starting Morningsun Herb Farm 25 years ago.

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