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The Herbarist

Herbarist Sponsorships

Herbarist Sponsorships

Herbarist articles can be sponsored by individuals or groups and offer an ideal way to support herbal education and the dissemination of herbal knowledge to our audience of HSA members and the public. In addition to circulation, The Herbarist is distributed through a number of academic libraries and by reprint to students of horticulture, landscape design, and the like. Sponsorship helps to ensure these well-researched and varied articles are publicly available.

2022 Authors include:

Susan Betz, Growing Herbs Indoors -- Susan shares her extensive gardening experience and expert advice.  Sponsored by the Wisconsin Unit
Amy Dawson, The Richness of Rare Books for Knowledge, Use, and Delight --  You can travel herbal history from 1601 to 1892 on the pages of just a portion of The Society’s rare book collection.  Sponsored by Maryann and Tom Readal
Carol Ann Harlos, Dandelions….More Than A Weed --There is always something new to learn about dandelions...  Sponsored by Mary Remmel Wohlleb
Erin Holden, The Lighter Side of Nightshades: These Plants (Probably) Won’t Kill You -- The intriguing, not so deadly nightshades...
Rose Loveall, A Basil Tour (title pending) -- Basils – a stroll through some familiar and some newer varieties.
Judy Semroc, Chimney SwiftsAn Avian Friend to Have Around Your Garden -- Chimney Swifts eat one-third their body weight in insects every day!
Lois Sutton,  They Give Their All -- Herbs are even more delightful and useful when we utilize every part of them.
Brian Varian, Herbs in the American Economy, 1998 - 2019 -- When was the last time you thought about how much herb sales (plants, fresh cut herbs, herbs for oil production, and so on) contributed to the US GDP?
Barbara J. Williams, Every Herb Is Native Somewhere -- Barbara weaves for us the story of how the continents drifted, crashed into one another, and drifted again – carrying their evolving plants with them.
Front Cover Sponsorship -- Sponsored by Maryann and Tom Readal

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific author or article, please make note of your choice on the digital or hard copy Sponsorship Form. To be included in the 2022 publication, please make your sponsorship donation before July 1, 2022.