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The Herbarist

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The Herbarist 2014

The Herbarist 2014

The Herbarist 2014 (Issue 80)

Getting To Know a Botanical Family – Apiaceae
By Debra Knapke
An American Tradition – Election Day Cakes
By Katherine Schlosser

Early Pennsylvania German Herbs and Their Uses
By Tina Sams

The Green Man – The Spirit of Nature
By Mary Nell Jackson

Aboca: One Man’s Quest for Herbal History, Cultivation and Research
By Susan Liechty

Mace, An Overlooked Spice
By Lois Sutton, PhD

Herbal Woody Plants: My Favorites For The Garden And Landscape
By Barbara J. Williams

The Global Use of Fencing, Hedges, and Hedgerows
By Katherine Schlosser

Feverfew As A Prophylactic Treatment For Migraine Headache
By Preston R. Miller, M.D.

By William J. Dana, ParmD, FASHP and Janet K Dana, BS RPh