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The Herbarist

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The Herbarist 2008

The Herbarist 2008

The Herbarist 2008

Table of Contents

Herbal Folklore

The Great Dittany of Crete: Then and Now
by Dorothy Bovee Jones - 1973

Dittany Redivivus by Anne Burrage - 1936

Algonquin Ashes
by Dorothy Wade - 1956

Mistletoe, Magic and Medicine
by Dr. Leo C. Kanner - 1967

The Scarlet Letter: Deadly Nightshade, Dogwood and Henbane
by Lee Applebaum - 1986

Harvesting an Herbal Tradition
by Donna A. Gerbosi-DiFulvio - 1999

The Taxonomy and Science of Herbs

Lavender, Spike and Lavandin
by Dr. Arthur O. Tucker - 1985

Origanums Today
by Elizabeth Rollins - 1989

Some Lesser-Known Culinary Alliums
by Peter Hanelt - 1991

Those Herbs Called Chervils
by Helen Noyes Webster - 1947

Tasteful Herbs

A Profusion of Infusions
by Fairman R. Jayne - 1962

The Caper Bush
by Robert E. Bond - 1990

From Acadian to Cajun: A Taste of Louisiana Foods and Seasonings
by Madalene Hill and Gwen Barclay - 2001

The History and Gardens of HSA

Dedication of the Founder's Herb Garden at Wenham, Massachusetts
by Author Unknown - 1957

The Herb Society of America: A Kaleidoscopic View of the first 50 Years
by Priscilla Sawyer Lord - 1983

Betty Rea Remembers: Recollections on the Founding of the National Herb Garden
by Phyllis Sidorsky - 1999

Herbs for Pleasure and Use

Indigo: The True Blue
by Martha Genung Stearns - 1939

Milkweed at the Front
by Author Unknown - 1945

Early America Dyeing by E. McD. Schetky - 1955

Native American Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance
by Arthur O. Tucker - 1990

Creating an Herbal Standard
by Elise Felton - 1990

History of Medicinal Herbs

Medicinals of Plant Origin: Past and Present
by William D. Foye - 1977

Nicholas Culpeper 1616-1654: Correcting the Record
by Portia Meares - 1993