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The Herbarist

The Herbarist Archives

The Herbarist 2007

The Herbarist 2007

The Herbarist 2007

Table of Contents

HERB OF THE YEAR Calendula: More Than a Marigold
by Robin Siktberg

by Carol Ann Harlos

Calamintha--A Beautiful Mint
by Gretel Schultz

HISTORY AND CULTURE Knot Gardens: A Twist of History
by Kate Copsey

The Green Muse
by Augusta Watson

The Myth and Magic of Irish Herbs
by Judith Mehl

The Story of the Shining Lily
by Jo Ann Gardner

Mexican Herb Fiesta
by Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.

USE AND DELIGHT Nature's Color: Solar Dyeing
by Jane Haynes

A Tea Party Garden
by Susan Belsinger

HERBAL BUSINESS Stop and Smell the Lavender
by Sandie Parrott

PEOPLE IN HERBS Remembering Rachel Carson
by Kathryn Giarratani

The Ruth Smith Botanical Bead Collection
by Susan Belsinger