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Follow this LINK to watch HSA's Educator, Karen Kennedy, as she appears on New Day Cleveland, a regional morning show, to discuss cooking with spring herbs.

The Herbarist

Herbarist Advertisements

Reach more than 2,200 herb enthusiasts with information about your business, service or organization by advertising in The Herbarist. Purchase space in the publication's special affiliate section in sizes\ ranging from 1/8 of a page up to a full-color 7 x 9" ad. 

Need help designing your advertisement? Design services by longtime Herbarist designer, Debbi Paterno, are now available for an additional fee.

The Herbarist Advertising FAQs

The Herbarist is a long-lived tradition of The Herb Society of America. HSA published the first issue in 1935, only two years after The Society was formed. Since then, or since we began surveying members, The Herbarist has ranked as the most appreciated benefit of HSA membership.

Has The Herbarist always had advertisements?
Yes! The Society’s members and herb-related businesses have supported the journal since the first edition. 14 Units have advertised seven out of the last 10 years (or more) and many Units sponsor authors or the publication itself.

How do current advertising rates compare with those of, say ten years ago?
Well … despite the recent rise in the costs of paper, printing, and mailing, advertisement rates in The Herbarist have only increased 11% since 2012. The surcharge for color ads has been eliminated, actually resulting in a reduction of ad costs!

My unit doesn’t have anyone to design an ad. Can we get help from HSA?
Yes. Design work is available for an additional hourly fee. Simply contact HSA's office,

Are there alternate ways for a unit or individual member to assist journal production?
Yes! Your general donations help, for example, to defray printing, graphic design, and mailing costs. Units, districts, members, non-members may demonstrate their appreciation of The Herbarist through donations in any amount.