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General Herb Reference Websites

General Herb Reference Websites

The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture - Cornell Mann Library
Provides the full text of over 2,047 monographs and 510 journal volumes published between 1800 and the late 1900s. Browsable by author and title. Advanced search option also available.

Directory of Herbs - Penn State Dept of Horticulture
Entries include Latin and common names, mythology, description, plant type/hardiness, height/width, light/soil, pests/diseases, cultivation, companion planting, propagation, bloom time/color, harvesting, uses and garden notes. Indexed by common name. Coverage includes over fifty herbs.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
This site from Finnish herbalist, Henriette Kress, includes culinary and medicinal herbfaqs, the text of classic herbal works now in the public domain, a listing of plant names in various languages and over 9,600 plant images. Note that the herbfaqs on this site are archived from discussion lists so not all information may be authoritative.

A Modern Herbal
A hypertext version of M. Grieve's 1931 classic, A Modern Herbal. Searchable by keyword. Includes information on culinary, medicinal, cosmetic and economic uses as well as folklore. Note that information is historical in nature and may not necessarily reflect current research and opinion.

Montreal Botanic Garden Green Pages - Herbs Section
Includes information on planning, cultivation, harvesting, pests, drying, storing and indoor growing. Available in French and English. Also includes book list.