New Orleans

The New Orleans Unit of The Herb Society of America


The New Oleans Unit of the New Orleans area formed in 1991.  The unit supports the Salvia Collection at the New Orleans Botanical Garden and the Walled Herb Garden at Longue Vue House & Garden. 

Annual Events include:  Blessing of the Herbs at Longue Vue House & Garden, Fall Festival at the New Orleans Botanical Garden (juried exhibit), Annual Fall Plant Sale, Spring Garden Show at the New Orleans Botanical Garden (juried exhibit) and the Annual Spring Plant Sale.

In September 2014, the unit cosponsored with The New Orleans Botanical Garden Foundation and the LA Master Naturalist of New Orleans the following program:  "From the Amazonian Rainforest to New Orleans Voo Doo:  Plants of Power, Magic and Medicine", featuring Dr. Mark Plotkin, renowned Ethnobotanist and Best Selling Author of "Tales of the Shaman's Apprentice".


Contact:  Anita Jobsen-Wolfe or Linda Franzo, Unit Chair









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