Connecticut Unit

The Connecticut Unit is an energetic group that maintains an ever-expanding garden space at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT at which all members are required to spend at least one work day during the season. There is also a select group of members who maintain a garden space at the York Prison facility in Niantic.  In addition, many members on their own help to organize and maintain other public and community gardens.

In keeping with our commitment to education, we hold a plant sale each May in our garden at Elizabeth Park which enables us to meet with the people who visit our garden and familiarize them with the herbs.  We also hold a highly successful symposium at the park typically in July where our speakers are chosen for their ability to educate and inspire the public to use and enjoy herbs.

We have instituted a Food and Hospitality Committee whose responsibility it is to coordinate and serve our highly-successful herbal lunches, which are the highlight of our monthly meetings.  Because we strive to meet in members' homes as often as possible, this alleviates stress on the host member.  Our member booklet includes places of interest such as museums or garden shops that are located nearby each monthly meeting place. This enables members to familiarize themselves with new areas of the state which they may not have visited before.

We look forward to a successful and productive year of learning and reaching out to the public to promote the use and enjoyment of herbs.

Mission Statement: to promote the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research & sharing the experiences of the members with the community.

Meeting Times: Various locations, mainly private homes on 2nd Monday 10:30am April - November.

Special Events: Plant Sale, Symposium. Gardens Maintained: Herb Garden at York Correctional Institution, Niantic; Herb Garden in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford.


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