August 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

HSA Board of Directors Meeting
August 28 & 29, 2015


August 2015 Fall Board Meeting Agenda
August 2015 Fall Board Meeting Documents

2009 Survey results 8-15
2014 Survey-Facilitation review 8-15
2012-2014 SWOT 8-15
2014-2016 SWOT responses 8-15
2015 Worksheet SWOT 8-15
2012 May Board Facilitation by Lois Sutton 8-15
             Supplemental documents cited in 2012 May Board Facilitation
             Board Responsibilities- List of 10-What are the key duties of the board
             Field Guide to Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Nonprofit Board-HSA has a
             copy available for loan.

Vision Survey Board 8-15

BVU-Bureau of Volunteers Unlimited Presentation
Committee Structure
Level of Involvement
Statement of Expectations
Power Point Presentation 8.29.15

Vision and Mission Facilitation
Paris Wolfe resume
Mission and Vision Statement

Balance Sheet
Operating P&L Comparison
P & L Budget VS Actual
P & L by Class
Herb Society Draft Financials

May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes Draft
May 2015 Board Minutes Final
2015 Meeting of Members Full Proceedings Draft
201 Meeting of Members Full Proceedings Final
August 2015 Board Reports

Executive Director
Strategic Plan update 8.22.15
Two Comments from Board Self Evaluation
Board Self-Assessment Results
HSA Dashboard Summary

Vice President
Blog Guidelines revised
Board Composition 8-2015
Herbarist Committee 8-15
Newsletter Committee 8-15
Secretary 8-15

Gathering Policy for Membership Districts 8-15
District Gathering Handbook
Appendix 1 Gathering Checklist 8-15
Appendix 2 District Business Meeting 8-15
Appendix 3 Cost Estimate Worksheet 8-15
Appendix 4 Gathering Budget Blank 8-15
Appendix 5 Gathering Evaluation 8-15
Appendix 6 Gathering Final Expense

Corporate Resolution Key Bank
National Newsletter Statistics
Herbal Bytes Statistics
Website Interests Overview 1st quarter 2015
Website Interests Overview 1st quarter 2014
Website Demographics 1st quarter 2015
Website Demographics FY2015
Latest Facebook Insights

Active Membership as of 6.30.15
Active Membership by District as of 6.30.15
Inactive Membership as of 6.30.15

Extra Materials
Engage Presentation 6.18.15

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