Grant Details

The Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant Details

As a recipient from the estate of Donald Samull, The Herb Society of America established an herb garden grant for elementary school classes grades 3 through 6. These grants ensure that the use of herbs in teaching elementary school students will continue for years to come, a tradition Mr. Samull — an elementary school teacher — used in his classroom to engage and inspire his 3rd–6th grade students.

Public and/or private 3rd through 6th grade teachers, with classes of a minimum of fifteen (15) students may apply for an indoor or an outdoor herb garden grant.

The Herb Society of America will select ten (10) schools/classrooms to receive $200 "Seed Money" to establish an indoor or outdoor herb garden. The funds may be used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, child or youth sized tools, etc. The school may need to seek additional funding and support from other sources.

Application deadline for 2017-18 academic year: October 1, 2017 with awards announced December 1, 2017



Grant for Research Details

The Grant for Research Committee is pleased to announce the HSA Grant recipient for 2017-2018

Dr. John Taylor’s proposal, “Production and Use of Herbs by Ethnic and Migrant Communities in Greater Providence, Rhode Island”


This grant is for the research of the horticultural, scientific, and/or social use of herbs throughout history. Research must define herb as historically useful for flavoring, medicine, ornament, economic, industrial, or cosmetic purposes.

Eligible applicants may be students, professionals, or individuals. Grant recipients will be required to sign a Grant Acceptance Form prior to the award of a grant. Only U.S. residents may apply.

Total grant amount is $5,000

This grant is intended to: 
    • support small, self-contained research projects over a short-period of time. Allowable costs include:
          – compensation for investigators
          – professional and technical assistance
          – research supplies and materials
          – costs of computer time

This grant is not intended for indirect costs such as:  
    • equipment including but not limited to computer, laboratory or office equipment
    • tuition, textbooks, or conference attendance
    • private garden development
    • travel to and/or from research site(s)

Unpublished research will be considered confidential. One paper about the project results must be submitted for use in a HSA publication. 

If significant departures are made from the originally approved grant application or if the grantee cancels the project, immediate written notification must be sent to the HSA Research Grants Committee chairperson. Based on this information or in the absence of an adequate final report, The Society reserves the right to terminate the grant and request a return of any portion of the grant not used for the intended purpose.



 Regional Scholarships Details

Central Indiana Culinary Scholarship
Application deadline October 24

The Central Indiana Unit is proud to announce the establishment of a $500 culinary scholarship. Through this scholarship the Central Indiana Unit recognizes the generous support of local chefs through education and outreach. The scholarship is to be applied to the tuition of a second year student enrolled in a Central Indiana Culinary Arts Program who shows an interest in herbs and their uses. For more information contact Mary Anne Bradley at

Central Indiana Culinary Scholarship Application (PDF)

Colonial Triangle of Virginia Unit Scholarship
To further the scientific study and appreciation of herbs and to encourage the practice of environmentally sound horticulture, The Colonial Triangle of Virginia Unit offers a scholarship to a deserving student at Virginia Polytechnic University. This student must be a rising junior or senior majoring in a field of study analogous with our unit's goals, such as horticulture, biology, botany and environmental science. In addition, the student mush have the following attributes: 1) a demonstrated interest in growing, using and sharing the knowledge of herbs; and 2) dedication to sound horticulture practices that will protect our global environment and enhance the health and well being of humans and plants.

The recipient is awarded a $1,000 tuition grant, plus a one-year student membership in The Herb Society of America.

Qualified Virginia Polytechnic University students may obtain information by contacting Mary Ann Kimminau, Scholarship Committee Chair, at

Nashville Unit Herb Garden Outreach Grant
Application deadline March 1, 2017

The Herb Society of Nashville (HSN) is offering grants to organizations engaged in the use of herbs in gardens (an herb is a plant whose usefulness, past or present, includes its value for flavoring, ornamental, economic, industrial, therapeutic, or cosmetic purposes).

The HSN herb garden grant is intended to support startup garden projects, and/or indoor or outdoor gardens, in schools, communities, care facilities (independent, assisted, nursing), and not for profit organizations in the Middle Tennessee area.
Allowable costs include:

  • Construction of new garden including raised garden building supplies and irrigation
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Plants

Chosen applicants will be required to sign a Grant Acceptance Form prior to the award of a grant. The acceptance includes the following stipulations:

  •  The maximum amount available is $1,500. The amount may be divided among projects, at the discretion of the Grant Committee.
  • Grantees must agree to submit a brief progress report on work completed during the fall of 2017.

Application Procedure:

  • Applications and proposals must be date stamped on or before March 1, 2017
  • The application must be typed and submitted via email to: or mailed to HSA 2017 Grant, PO Box 150711, Nashville, TN 37215
  • Announcement of any grant recipient(s) will be April 1, 2017
  • Application form includes the following:
    • General Overview: Application Form.
    • Methodology: An explanation of how you plan to complete the project, where the work will be done, and what facilities and equipment are available. Not to exceed 500 words.
    • Budget: A detailed listing of all anticipated costs.
    • Schedule: A specific time line for the project.

For more information and an application visit

Pennsylvania Heartland Unit Scholarship
The Pennsylvania Heartland Unit of The Herb Society of America, a group dedicated to the purpose of studying and actively sharing horticulture history, and the use of herbs, is pleased to offer a $1,500.00 scholarship to a student within the study of horticulture. It will be awarded to a student living in the Heartland area, which are, Berks, Montgomery, York, Lancaster and Schuylkill counties. The applicant must be a third or fourth year student within the study of horticulture.

For additional information contact:
Jeannette Lanshe              e-mail:
7 Gibraltar Road      
Reading, PA 19606

Apply for the Pennsylvania Heartland Scholarship Online (URL)  or with Printable Guidelines and Application (PDF)

Philadelphia Unit Scholarship
The Philadelphia Unit of the Herb Society of America, a group "dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and the delight of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community", is pleased to offer two scholarships this year. The Unit will award two grants of $1,000.00 each to an undergraduate and/or graduate student pursuing the study of horticulture or a related field.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our scholarship program.

For more information, contact:
Rena Harrington Barnett, Scholarship Chairperson at 610-566-7394 or
For more information view the Philadelphia Unit website scholarship page


South Texas Unit Scholarship
The South Texas Unit of the Herb Society of America is pleased to announce that it will be awarding at least one $1,000 Herb Society of America, South Texas Unit, Madalene Hill Scholarship to a deserving student in the spring of each year. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are studying agronomy, horticulture, botany, or a closely-related discipline at an accredited four-year college or university. The student must be either a permanent resident of Texas or attending an accredited college or university in Texas. The student must have completed two full years of college and be entering the Junior or Senior year of studies.

For additional information, please contact:
Education Committee Chairman
South Texas Unit of The HSA
P.O. Box 6515
Houston, Texas 77265-6515

For details and application, visit the South Texas Unit website:

Horticulture/Botany Scholarship:
The Kathryn Giarratani Scholarship Fund of the Western Pennsylvania Unit of The Herb Society of America

The Kathryn Giarratani Fund of the Western PA unit of The Herb Society of America was created at The Pittsburgh Foundation to provide scholarships to college and graduate students following a career path in horticulture/botany or related field. A one-year $1,000 award will be granted to the recipient. The following criteria will apply:

1. Preference will be given to students who are residents of Western Pennsylvania
2. Student must be a full-time Junior or Senior in college pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree or a Post-Graduate degree in horticulture/botany or related field. 
    Student must be following a career path in these same areas.
3. Student must have a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0/B
4. Student must be enrolled in one of the following schools: Chatham University, Delaware Valley College, Keystone College, Pennsylvania State University, or 
​    Temple University-Ambler College.
5. Student must write an essay (maximum three pages) that includes the following: a) applicant's general objectives and goals; b) where courses are to be taken 
​    during the scholarship year; c) proposed content of applicant's courses of study; d) explanation as to why the stated field of study is important to applicant.

Awardee is expected to report in person to the Western PA Unit at the end of the academic year in which the Scholarship is awarded. Presentation is to include knowledge acquired and experience gained. Awardee will be hosted by a member of the Unit.

Final selection of the scholarship winner will be decided (subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, of the Pittsburgh Foundation) by a Scholarship Fund Committee. No member of the Fund Committee, or his or her immediate family, is eligible for scholarship assistance during his or her tenure on the Fund Committee.

The Pittsburgh Foundation shall notify the chosen scholarship recipient(s) of the decision. The scholarship payment will be made after The Pittsburgh Foundation's June Board Meeting, and after the student verifies the school he or she will be attending. Payment will be made to the school for the student.

Printable Application

The Western Reserve Herb Society Undergraduate Scholarship(s)
Francis Sylvia Zverina Scholarship(s)

For further information about these scholarships, including award amounts, eligibility requirements, and application procedures and forms, please visit the Scholarship page on the Western Reserve Herb Society website-



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