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New Products: Herb Gardeners T-Shirts, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Knit Scarves, 2015 Essential Guide to Savory, Loose Leaf Teas, Notable Native Limited Edition Collectible Baskets & 100% Silk Scarves

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Qty Desc'n Price Click to Enlarge
Watering can from Nature's Sketchbook designed by Marjolein Bastin 17.95 + $4.95 Shipping ornament4.jpg


Garden Themed Old World Christmas Glass Ornaments

Qty Desc'n Price Click to Enlarge
Sunflower, Watering Can and Trowel Ornaments $32.97 + $5.95 Shipping ornament-set


100% Silk Scarf

This beautiful silk scarf, in pastel tones, was last produced in 1997, and quickly sold out.

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
Silk Scarf $45 - $2.60 shipping

HSA Knit Scarves with Herb Design and HSA Logo, 18" wide x 84" long

Lightweight and great for layering!

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
$20.00 + $4.00 shipping

Sterling Silver Necklaces from Aboca Museum in Italy

The necklaces are taken from patterns and designs in the original and only herbal museum in the world. Free shipping.
For more information visit www.abocamuseum.it/en/

Qty Design Price Click to Enlarge
Cypress $40 cypress.jpg
Pomegranate $40 pomegranate.jpg
Willow $40 willow.jpg
Tulip $40 tulip-necklace.jpg

Herb Gardeners Play in the Dirt T-shirts

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T-shirt $22 + $4 Shipping herb-t-shirts.jpg


HSA's 2015 Herb of the Year Guide—Essential Guide to Savory

Fascinating and informative, the new Herb of the Year guide is loaded with history, beautiful images and tasty recipes.

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
Color 2015 Essential Guide to Savory $15 + $4.00 S & H
Black & White 2015 Essential Guide to Savory $12 + $4.00 S & H

Loose Leaf Teas - Gingerly Peach and Lemon Tulsi Teazer

HSA is pleased to offer two organic tea blends: Lemon Tulsi Teazer and Gingerly Peach. Both tea blends are certified organic as well as taste tested and hand selected by HSA staff. They are blended by a certified organic and fair trade certified tea handling and blending company. This company purchases certified organic handpicked fresh tea leaves shipped within a few months of the picking season. They specialize in small batch hand blended teas using only the freshest most flavorful whole leaf teas and ingredients from around the world. They also source their ingredients locally whenever possible.

Exclusive to HSA is Lemon Tulsi Teazer, an organic herbal caffeine-free blend. Tulsi or holy basil is a healthy, calming herb. Spicy notes and refreshing lemon flavors create a delicious tea, perfect hot or cold. The ingredients include organic holy basil, organic lemon grass, organic lemon-myrtle, organic licorice root and natural orange flavor. The 2 ounce package makes 30 cups.

Gingerly Peach was selected for the delicate flavors and wonderful fragrance. This blend includes white tea, the new buds of the tea plant (Camelia sinensis) which are and unprocessed, organic ginger, organic lemon peel, organic jasmine blossoms, organic calendula and natural peach flavors. This blend makes a relaxing hot tea or a refreshing iced beverage. The white tea contains a low amount of caffeine, about 10 mg. per cup. The 1.5 ounce package makes 25-30 cups.

QtyDescriptionPrice, U.S. $
Lemon Tulsi Teazer $11 + $2.75 shipping
Gingerly Peach $11 + $2.75 shipping

2014 Notable Native Limited Edition Collectable Basket

The 2014 collectible basket features Asclepias variegata on the recipe box lid. The perfect size for recipe cards or saving seeds. A set of herb recipe cards are included with each basket.

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
2014 Notable Native Limited Edition Collectible Basket $40 + $6.95 shipping

2013 Notable Native Limited Edition Collectible Basket

This handmade basket, made in Ohio, includes a hinged lid with an engraved lid depicting Monarda fistulosa the Notable Native for 2013

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
2013 Notable Native Limited Edition Collectible Basket $50.00 + $6.95 shipping

2013 100% Silk Scarf

This beautiful silk scarf features the Notable Native for 2013, Monarda fistulosa. 18" x 72".

Qty Description Price, U.S. $
2013 Notable Native Silk Scarf $45.00 + $2.60 shipping