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Slide Programs

  1. The American Indian Garden from the National Herb Garden. Demonstrates the importance of plants in the daily life of the North American Indian. 61 Slides.

  2. Construction of an Herb Garden. A practical record of the garden constructed by The Western Reserve Unit at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. 55 Slides.

  3. Fragrance and Potpourri. Describes how to capture the fragrance of the herb garden with recipes included. 39 Slides.

  4. Gardens of Williamsburg. Depicts the garden created at Colonial Williamsburg. Prepared by the Restoration, the program shows the plants and garden designs of Williamsburg. 51 Slides.

  5. An Herb Beginner's  Guide. Introduces gardeners to the growing of herbs. Eighteen herbs are discussed, including culture, historical facts and botanical information. 66 Slides.

  6. Herb Gardening. Describes the culture, habits of growth and usage of several different herbs. Recommended as a follow-up to number 5. 80 Slides.

  7. Herbs for Use and Delight. Emphasizes the historical uses and associations of herbs. A logical successor of numbers 5 and 6. 80 Slides.

  8. National Herb Garden. Describes this garden of major significance created at the United States National Arboretum by The Herb Society of America. 67 Slides.

  9. Public Gardens Maintained by HSA Members. Shows public gardens designed and maintained by HSA members. 71 Slides.
  10. Artists in Time by Gardeners in Thyme. Slides of paintings in the Milwaukee Art Museum highlighted with floral arrangements. 1988 HSA Annual Meeting. 59 Slides and tape.

  11. Experience New Zealand. The selection shows native plants, herb plants and gardens, their gardeners and the country's diverse beauty. There are also slides showing New Zealand architecture and others that portray the history of the very special people and their country.

  12. Herbs of Greece. Covers the history, uses and folklore associated with the herbs of ancient and modern day Greece. 70 slides.

  13. Powers and Cures. An overview of the role of medicinal plants through the ages. Describes historic uses of plants and the work of herbalists from ancient Egypt to the Shakers. 87 slides.