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Sea Vegetables and Ocean Herbs with Patricia Kenny
July 13, 2017, 2pm EST

Nutrition for Our Selves and Our Gardens

We came from the sea. Sea plants are the oldest plants on earth. We developed in a sea-like environment. Our first experience as individuals is in the ocean of our mother's womb. It is only natural to wonder if the vegetal inhabitants of the sea have an added value in reconnecting us with our internal healing resources and reasserting our wholeness.

Formerly referred to as "seaweeds”, these sea vegetables contain an abundance of minerals such as iodine, bromine & zinc.  They also provide us with many vitamins.  It has been reported that alginic acid in sea vegetables can bind with certain toxins in the body and aid in their elimination.

I propose to state a case for the inclusion of these plants into our herbal rainbow.   It would be a privilege to introduce these herbal plants to those who have not yet included them in their daily diet and to encourage those who have tried eating seaweeds in restaurants but not yet in their homes.

Useful Plants of Coastal Waters

We are of the sea.  Sea plants are the oldest plants on earth.  Formerly referred to as “seaweeds”, these sea vegetables contain an abundance of minerals such as iodine, bromine, zinc and they provide us with many vitamins such as A, C and some of the B’s.  Review their economic importance.  Hear about their botany and growth habits, some home kitchen practices and use as preventative medicine –excellent references about ocean herbs will be provided, all have encouraging recipes.

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