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“The Survey Says…” The National Herb Garden Curator’s Top 10 Favorite Herbs
RESCHEDULED! Thursday, March 2, 2pm EST

SPAWith so many herbs represented in the National Herb Garden, it’s hard to choose favorites. But, after almost 20 years in the garden, I have definitely homed in on what are some of my all-time favorite plants. Learn which ones those are and why.

Medieval Herbs for Modern Gardens
Thurs, March 23, 2pm EST

SPAThere are many good candidates for modern gardens among the hundreds of herbs, trees, and flowering plants grown for use and delight in the Middle Ages. While some are familiar, others are not. They are worth growing for their form, fragrance, fruit, or flowers alone, but knowledge of their long histories and fascinating lore enhances their appeal.
SPAIn addition to their practical applications as foods, medicines, dyestuffs, and perfumes, many medieval plants had magical and ceremonial uses, and were charged with symbolic meanings and associations. The significance of these multivalent herbs, and the full range of their role in medieval life, art, and literature will be explored.
SPAAdvice on obtaining and growing these storied plants in your garden will also be provided.

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