Pennsylvania Heartland

The Pennsylvania Heartland Unit of The Herb Society of America


The Pennsylvania Heartland Herb Society was initially formed from the Herb Haus study group in 1982 and applied for unit status with The Herb Society of America, Inc. on January 2, 1985, for the purpose of seriously studying and actively sharing the history, horticulture and uses of herbs. As a unit of The Herb Society of America, Inc., we are "dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community".

There are four unique features threaded throughout the history of our unit; our Symposia, our scholarship program, our yearly tours, and our Unit-sponsored gardens. The "Herbal Delights" Symposium has been not only the highlight of our herbal learning each year but, also, structured as our unit's primary fund raiser and suports all of our local projects, scholarships, and donations made periodically to The Herb Society of America or to the National Herb Garden, Washington, D.C.

Our Pennsylvania Heartland Unit meetings are held on the third Thursday or Saturday of each month in October, November, January, February and March. We currently have a total of 59 members. In September we have a combined pot-luck dinner meeting. In December we have a holiday luncheon meeting, and in April we have our annual meeting and plant exchange. May has become our tour month, and June the special time for the "Herbal Delights Symposium"

The Herb Society of America, Inc. is composed of seven regional membership districts. Our Pennsylvania Heartland Unit is located within the Mid-Atlantic District.





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