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Seed Exchange

One of the most satisfying things about being a member of The Herb Society of America is the opportunity to share with one another. And one of the things that members most like to share is plants and seeds. And not just plants and seeds, but also information about how to collect and save seeds, the best way to start and/or grow the plants and ways to use them as well.

Throughout the year members collect seeds, post information about them on the website, and make them available to other members upon request. The information includes:

  • the common and botanical names of the plant
  • zone limits
  • height and spread
  • hints for germinating the seed and growing the plant
  • its uses
  • whether it is potentially invasive
  • that it might be a hybrid plant (or cultivar) which would not breed true and could even be sterile

Exchanging plants and seeds with others is an excellent way to learn something new about an herb not grown before, to find a new variety and to share information with someone else who also enjoys the delight of growing herbs.