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Save the Native Herbs! (Conservation the HSA Way)

Are you interested in encouraging bees, butterflies, and other pollinators? Do you want to increase the population of birds, butterflies, and other welcome wildlife in your yard? Does the idea of a more sustainable landscape appeal to you?

If so, you are in good company! Preserving our native herbs, shrubs, vines, and trees is becoming more and more desirable as people realize that natives are the best way to ensure that their ecosystem satisfies the needs of our fellow creatures. One example is the milkweed and monarchs, as it seems that a national push to plant more milkweed has resulted in the return of greater numbers of that butterfly.

Concerns about pollinators and other native fauna has caused many gardeners to re-examine their gardens and add more native herbs to their landscape. You're in the right place to get your questions about conservation answered!

• What is a 'Native Herb'?

• How do I start adding native herbs?

• What native herbs are best for my area?

• Where can I obtain seeds or native herb plants?

• How can I have a more sustainable landscape?

• Pollinator Protection and Support – The GreenBridges Initiative

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